Adopt Me: Janey, 2 year old Female Black Labrador

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Adopt Me: Janey, a 2 year old Female Black Labrador, is looking for her furever home.

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

***Please Read Carefully: Janie is best served in a home with no other dogs or small children. She can be reactive and protective when frightened. While Janey is doing well in our foster home with our 2 dogs, we feel it's best she be the only dog in her furever family. Janey has been moved a lot and has some anxiety, and she needs more time than most to feel safe, secure and loved.***

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Janie is energetic, sweet and and such a goofball. She is very affectionate, and loves to snuggle with her humans. When diligent with outside time, she has no accidents. Janie loves car rides, chasing a ball is her FAVORITE, and is so silly doing figure 8 zoomies. She's trying to figure out how to get 2 balls in her mouth at the same time! Janie has learned the crate is safe, and now goes in with little issue, sleeping through the night in our room. Janey, however, does not like be crated away from her humans and stresses herself out. She's less crate-stressed when she knows we've left the house, but is not a fan of being crated when she knows we're here. Janie still has her happy puppy nature, and likes socks, occasionally a shoe, and slippers are her fave. She's quick to learn when told no, but still has a mischievous nature. She walks well on leash and loves to play, and then chilling once she's had mental & physical stimulation. On walks, she can stress herself out when other dogs are nearby and become reactionary. She would need further training for walks to become secure when seeing other animals.

Janey has had a rough go in the last few months, from being an abandoned dog, to a shelter, then several foster homes and then with a family that didn't work out. We know it's going to take a special family to see just how great a dog Janey is, and work with her to overcome her anxiety and reactions. She has seemed to gain her confidence, and while still learning what's expected of her, we can see she's a truly sweet, loving pup. Janie will make an excellent companion for the right family that is committed to further training and managing what is expected of her. She really loves to be with people and is a great buddy.

Even if Janey is not the right fit for you, please consider sharing "

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