Terms and Conditions

Please see our terms and conditions below. Please note that our terms and conditions are for guidance only and you should refer to our Adoption Contract for our current legal position.

Adult Labrador Retrievers will have been neutered or spayed, given all the necessary inoculations including Rabies Vaccination, stool tested for parasites, Heartworm tested, Microchip Implantation, and given other medical treatment needed for problems that Las Vegas Labrador Rescue (LVLR) is aware of and can treat, before adoption. Any adoption donation is non-refundable.


The adoption donation fee is a minimum $300. The adoption application processing fee applies towards this fee, if paid previously. This fee helps to partially defray the expenses we incurred in rescuing and caring for the dog. In 2016 the average veterinary care bill for our dogs was $674 (this did not include food or other costs). The adoption fee is not refundable under any circumstances. Any violations of the terms and conditions set forth herein that result in the return of the dog will not result in a return of the adoption fee.

Introduction of Dog to Home and Family/Pet Members.

You understand the first 30 days in your home can be confusing, over stimulating and stressful for your dog. It is not recommended that you give the dog free roaming in the home for the first 30 days. Provide a safe and secure place that allows the dog to be near the family unit, but still see, smell and adjust to all family members in a controlled manner.

       The First 30 Days

  1. All activities need to be supervised (eyes on) by an adult.
  2. Provide guidance on leash, show the dog where he/she is to sleep, eat, play and go potty.
  3. Provide opportunity for dog to have alone time while adjusting to his/her new home.
  4. Supervision, teaching clear expectations, setting up a schedule and routine, providing structure and minimizing too much mental stimulation while your dog adjusts will make for an easier transition.
  5. Do not let your dog out of kennel, crate, or other secured area without adult supervision.
  6. Begin obedience training within the first 2 days. Don’t encourage rough play, jumping, or tugging. If you encounter behavior issues you are unfamiliar with, hire a licensed professional dog trainer who uses positive-reinforcement techniques.
  7. If you have other pets, you must pick up all toys, treats, etc… and feed in separate locations/rooms.
  8. Children must understand their responsibility and proper etiquette for a healthy relationship with the dog.

Care of the Dog.

You agree to provide the dog access to the house, fresh water, wholesome dog food, adequate outdoor exercise, appropriate veterinary care and affection, and is actively involved with the family. If crated, the crate shall be large enough for the dog to lie comfortably on its side. You understand the dog is to be a part of the family unit and engage in all activities which are acceptable for the dog. You will treat the dog as a household pet, companion and family member, and never leave the dog chained, caged and/or otherwise confined for extended periods of time outside. You agree to never strike the dog in anger. You agree never to use the dog for dog fighting or any other “sport” in which one dog is pitted against another, and never to beat or taunt the dog in order to promote aggressive “guard dog” characteristics. Never leave your dog alone with children under the age of 14 years old without adult supervision.

Providing for Dog.

It is understood that you are willing to make the changes necessary in your environment and lifestyle to accommodate life with the dog, such as change of daily activities, fencing requirements, supervision, seeking professional help, etc. You understand and agree that LVLR fully expects you to keep this dog regardless of medical, common behavioral issues, or other needs and you will exhaust all reasonable resources to correct any issues the dog may have and/or changes you can make.

Medical/Vaccination Records

You understand LVLR has provided in your Adoption Packet all medical information we have from either prior and/or while the dog was under our care. It is required you make an appointment with a licensed veterinarian within 10 days of adoption to establish a medical care plan between you and your veterinarian for your dog. This includes but not limited to vaccination/immunization history and/or other medical needs for your dog. The dog’s shot record is included in your adoption packet.


You understand that LVLR highly recommends dog obedience training to establish boundaries and integration of your dog in to the pack/home. If behavioral issues arise, which are above your knowledge/skill levels, you will seek professional care and/or training, including, but not limited to, behavior modification. Physical and mental stimulation are necessary parts of your dog’s well-being.


The dog must be licensed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which the Adopter resides. The dog will wear a form of identification with adopter’s name and phone number at all times. You agree to register and/or transfer the microchip number to you within 7 days after the adoption date.

Transfer, Euthanasia.

You agree not to abandon, give away, sell, transfer, foster out, Euthanize or dispose of the dog in any way, and to notify us immediately at any time you determine you no longer want, or no longer can keep the dog. LVLR has the right of first refusal and must be notified prior of any decisions regarding placement of the dog. Transferring Ownership/Adopting the dog to a family member or friend is acceptable so long as LVLR has been given the chance to establish the family/friend’s ability to meet our Terms and Conditions of Adoption. If the dog is being returned back to LVLR, you agree to give us reasonable time to find the dog another foster home and understand that this may take a few weeks. You agree to assume all costs related to transportation, medical care, and/or housing/boarding until LVLR officially takes physical possession of the dog. You agree that you may never surrender the dog to an animal shelter. You agree that you may not euthanize the dog except in the case of the dog’s terminal illness, injury, severe aggression which has been diagnosed and documented by a licensed professional dog trainer and/or licensed dog behaviorist, or old age accompanied by pain and suffering. The euthanasia must be performed by a licensed veterinarian in a private clinic, hospital or your home.

No Representations.

You agree that we are making no representations or warranties about the condition, age, personality, or temperament of the dog. The dog was evaluated by a representative of LVLR but that not does guarantee its temperament or compatibility with you or any members of your household. Dogs that come into rescue have been determined and appear to be Labrador Retrievers, as per the AKC breed standard. There is no guarantee of lineage, pedigree or the like. LVLR accepts purebred and mixed alike so long as they are primarily Labrador Retrievers.


If the dog is under 4 months of age or a licensed veterinarian has certified the dog is unfit for surgery, and is yet not spayed or neutered, Adopter agrees to provide proof that spay or neuter was completed either no later than 4 months of age and/or when a licensed veterinarian deemed the dog physically fit to undergo the surgery. If spay or neuter isn’t completed as agreed, LVLR will consider the contract in breach and will immediately demand the dog be returned back to LVLR.  You understand that LVLR does not intend to have the dog utilized for any breeding purposes.