Pet Name: Naia, Adopted: March 2022

Pet Name: The Magnificent 7, Adopted: April 2017

Pet Name: Debo, Adopted: Nov 2022

Pet Name: Jack, Adopted: Aug 2023

Pet Name: Buttercup, Adopted on: Jun 2021

Pet Name: Alder, Adopted: Jun 2023

Pet Name: Sterling, Adopted: Sep 2022

Pet Name: Champ, Adopted: May 2023

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Las Vegas Labrador Rescue relies heavily on our volunteers.

We have rewarding opportunities to offer:

  • Fostering
  • Transporting labs
  • Home evaluations
  • Volunteering at our Events
  • Fundraising

Helpful Info

Some information to help you understand and care for your Labrador

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We love to hear how our Labs are doing after they leave our care. Some of our favorite updates are below.

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Veterinary Care

We are grateful for the support of Jessica Hagstette, D.V.M and her team at Camino Al Norte Animal Hospital.