The Board is a group of volunteers committed to the health and welfare of the Labs brought into the Rescue. The Board is responsible for all aspects of the rescue, from coordinating incoming Labs with foster homes, to facilitating medical care, managing adoptions, fundraising, and more
Board Positions include:
President: responsible for the overall operations of the rescue.
Vice President: assists day to day operations with President and other Board Members.
Secretary: Coordinates and documents Board Meetings.
Treasurer: Handles day-today- finances for the rescue, working closely with President.
Intake Director: Responsible for coordinating incoming Labs with available foster homes.
Applications Director: Processes adoption applications.
Home Inspections Director: Manages the HI volunteer team, responsible for recruiting and training new volunteers.
Foster Homes Director: Manages the existing Foster Home team, responsible for recruiting and training new volunteers.

Every Board Member has specific tasks within the Rescue, along with the Board position.

We are always looking for individuals committed to growing the rescue, in a variety of roles on the Board.