Happy Tails: Shadow

"Hi Dave, Denise, Rick, Victoria, Cynthia and everyone else at Las Vegas Labrador Rescue. It's me, Shadow, with the spotted tongue! I want to thank you so much for rescuing me.

One year ago today I was adopted. I have had the best year ever! My new mommy and daddy are great! They love me a lot! They give me lots of kisses, they let me go play with my friends at Smarty Paws Boot Camp, they give me treats, I get to sleep in bed with them, even though mommy says I am a bed hog! I am very happy at my new home!

Every morning after a good rest, I wake up so happy to be at my new home that I can't stop wagging my tail! I like to wake mommy and daddy up by giving them big Labrador kisses and nibbling their ears. Mommy says that the spots on my tongue are what makes my kisses so special! You know what? I feel special!

Not only do I have a good mommy and daddy, but I have two great sisters. Maggie, who is a little bit older than me, and bigger than me. I try to play with her, but she doesn't let me play with her toys. Kady is younger than me and she sticks by my side. I like to mama her. You can find us laying together a lot! I like playing with her. I have overcome some of my separation anxiety and crate/leash aggression.

Much thanks to Kim and Jennifer at Smarty Paws for helping me. I am getting medicine so my back legs and hocks won't hurt so much. I am starting to play more and like chasing balls.

Being it is November and Thanksgiving time, I want to let everyone know that I am thankful for the LV Lab Rescue, for not only rescuing me, but other labs and finding them great homes. I am thankful for my new home, with the big yard and soft bed. I am thankful that I get to go to play with my friends at Smarty Paws. I am thankful for my daddy, who takes me on long walks and lets me lay by him when he is on the computer. I am also thankful for my mommy, who speaks kindly to me and gives me lots of kisses. I like to lay against her in bed. I am thankful for my sisters, I love them and like to be with them. Finally, I am thankful for all the foster parents out there who bring dogs like me into their home and shower us with love, but then let us move on to our forever happy homes!

Here are some pictures to show you how happy I am! Thank you again for rescuing me and letting mommy and daddy adopt me!

Love and kisses, Shadow"