Happy Tails: Taz (now Tess)


We received this heartfelt "Happy Tail" from the Forever Family of Taz (now Tess)........

"On July 14th we welcomed Tess (formerly Taz) into our family. Having known of her uncertainty with new people from her foster mommy, we gave her lots of space the first few hours, allowing her to check out the entire house and come to us when comfortable. Seeing her connection to her foster mommy, Laura, it was no surprise that she went looking for her. We just kept reassuring her that she was fine and gave her as much loves as she would allow. It did not take long, before she gave me the look of "Let's Play"...so we engaged in about 20 minutes of a game of chase. The girls and I have not laughed that hard in a very long time. 

Over the last two weeks, Tess has found her place in our home. She loves her sisters, Coco (3-1/2 yr old chocolate lab) and Sissy (5yr old black lab) and is definetly in love with my kids, Madelyn and Hannah. She is still a little weary of my husband but he is being very patient with her and every now and then I find her at his feet getting lots of loves.

Our family is truly blessed to have so much love in our home and so glad we could offer so much to Tess. 

We thank LVLR for their passion for these beautiful labs and to all the foster parents out there that open up their homes to allow them to find theirs. A special thank you to Laura Foley, you are an amazing person and Tess was so lucky to be in your care. You have allowed for her to trust again, and to be blessed with a family that will love her forever. Thank you for all you do!!!

Tess is a little camera shy but I have included the pics I have taken thus far...more to follow."