Happy Tail: AJ


We have just received this wonderful happy tail from AJ's family 🙂


Labrador Rescue,

We wanted to take some time to thank you for what you have done for us. Adopting a dog is a huge change and commitment. You provided us with the opportunity not only to ask all of our questions, but a way for us to meet and choose the perfect dog.

We requested a meet and greet as soon as our application process was complete. The whole time crossing our fingers and hoping the dog we fell in love with online would be available and amazing in person. Despite his crazy jumping and pulling on the leash we somehow knew he was perfect for us. His foster parents, Victoria and John, were absolutely amazing in sharing what they knew of his past. They explained the progress AJ had made since he had been with them and discussed not only the positive things about him, but the challenging as well. There were no secrets; everything was on the table so we could make the best choice possible for our family and AJ. They were a true blessing to us- a special thanks to Victoria and John!

AJ has been with us for just over three months and we are SUPER thankful. It took a couple of weeks for AJ to learn the rules and adjust. Our daughter loves him and refers to AJ as her brother. He plays well with her and is extra gentle when they play tug-of-war.  Here are some activities that seem to be AJ’s favorites so far: visiting the dog park, running with his mama, wresting his dad, going for walks, hiking and most recently swimming. AJ is amazing and is able to go almost anywhere with us. I truly believe he is the perfect dog for our family and this would not have been possible without the help of LVLR and his foster parents.

Thank you!!

View of my Back SeatMama & AJDog Park 2