Happy Tail: Sadie (formerly Jazelle)


We have just received this wonderful happy tail from Sadie's family 🙂



I have been meaning to write you for the better part of a month but some how time seems to be flying by!!! I can't believe it has been 4 months since Sadie came into my life! WHAT AN AMAZING DOG!!! Sadie loves to go on walks!!! If she could go 12 times a day she would! She loves playing ball and never tires of it... She oftern goes to bed with a ball which I find wedged in my back by morning. Sadie loves to cuddle on the couch and chase the lizzards in the backyard. She is getting more and more comfortable with meeting new people and warms up to people a lot faster. She still does not like the pool which I am more than happy with!!! She is still not food motivated all that much but she has been on kibble for about 3 months now. I can not thank you enough for bringing her into my life!!! Here are a few photos!!