Happy Tail: Murphy (Formally Kingston)

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We received this wonderful & amusing Happy Tail from Murphy's furever family.

"Murphy (formerly Kingston) has been with us for a little over a year now. He is a sweet, sweet boy who is a work in progress. He certainly has come a long way from last February when he was placed in his fur-ever home. Pretty much a blank slate when he came to us, the only command he followed was ‘sit’ and even that one was inconsistent. But with wonderful support from Dave Heck and the excellent training we received through ‘Sit Means Sit’, Murphy now is fully house-trained and follows many commands. His behavior has improved and he now can be left alone out of his crate along with his sister, Allie, during the day. After much work, they are getting along quite well, even ‘frapping’ together in the back yard when one gets a wild hair! Quite a study in contrasts, Murphy can leap gracefully to catch a ball in mid-air only to turn around and walk into a light pole five minutes later. He will sit and wait until he is ‘released’ to start eating but recently stole a grilled cheese sandwich off the kitchen counter in front of six people, finishing it before anyone could reach for his remote. But as challenging as he can be, we love dogs with big personalities and wouldn’t trade him for all the biscuits he could eat. Thank you LVLR, for all the wonderful work you do and for allowing us to make Murphy’s happy-tail wag!"