Adopted: Harley, a 8-9 year old Male Yellow Labrador

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Adopted: Harley, a 8-9 year old Male Yellow Labrador, has found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Harley is one very smart boy! After only one walk, he knew which house was mine. His crate is in my bedroom. I usually go to the gym right after breakfast, and he has learned that when the gym bag comes out, he is going to go in his crate. Now – as soon as he sees me grab the gym bag, he runs downstairs. As much as he does NOT like his crate, he will very reluctantly go into it, and lay right down. Otherwise, he is so easy going and very low maintenance. Whereas he likes to be in the same room, or at least “in view” of you, he doesn’t need to be touching you. He “might” get on the couch and/or the bed with you, if invited, but is really much more at home on the floor. He sleeps on the floor right next to my bed, and has yet to wake me up! Harley loves it if you want to get on the floor with him and will gladly roll over for a good belly rub. As far as commands go – he knows “sit” and is learning “stay” and “stop”. He seems to understand your “intent” more than the actual word. Due to some recent dental surgery, he hasn’t been allowed to play with any toys or balls, but indications are that he will be true to his breed and be a great “retriever”. While getting his initial assessment at the Vet, he evidently was being walked by a shelf containing toys, and without hesitation, helped himself to a toy. He doesn’t mind being brushed, loves to ride in the car, go to the dog park, he doesn’t pull on the leash, he’s not a big barker, loves his vegetables (he gets carrots, green beans and broccoli), he puts up with my hugs and kisses. . . Harley is just one very easy guy! He’s such a fantastic dog and will be a great companion to anyone who makes him a furever part of their family. "

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