Adopted: Lilo, a 1.5 year old Female Black Labrador

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Adopted: Lilo, a 1.5 year old Female Black Labrador, has found her forever home.

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Considering Lilo has not had a very pretty past, she somehow has not lost hope that there is someone “out there” that she can shower with love and have it returned. She has no real interest in toys (at least not yet) and food is just food, no big deal. What she craves is a partner to love her. . . and rub her belly, her chest, the top of her head. . .and even though she probably won’t kiss you back, she likes to be on the receiving end of a kiss or a snuggle. She will insist on 4 or 5 minutes of affection before bed, and then she will stretch out at the end of the bed and sleep through the night.

Lilo came to us having had no training. In the 48+ hours that I have had her, she has learned how to climb the stairs, use a doggie door, she knows “sit” and “stay” and is doing well on a leash. She knows which house is mine and which one is her “Aunt” Amanda’s. We’re working on getting her housebroken. . . we’ve at least made it to the puppy pads! She does well with “calm firmness” and is clearly very smart! Lilo is very trainable, but will need some further work. She does NOT like the crate and makes no bones about it. From what we know of her past, it appears that she was always kept in a kennel, probably 24/7. . .so to her, the crate is a place that she does not want to return to. She has “escaped” it a couple of times, and has not bothered anything in my home. I find her asleep on my bed or watching TV, which totally fascinates her. She will actually sit there and watch it. Very cute.

Lilo has the potential to be the best dog you’ve ever had. Her disposition is naturally sweet, loving and attentive. I have yet to see one speck of meanness in her (panic –yes, to get out of the crate, but not aggression) She just needs someone to show her the way to the life that she definitely deserves. "

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