Happy Tail: Tyson (Formally Duke)

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We love receiving these stories from our adoptive families. Here is a wonderful update on Tyson, formally Duke.


We wanted to send you out a Happy Tail on Tyson. When we adopted him he was called "Duke". He has since been named Tyson, after Neil deGrasse Tyson the astrophysicist. My husband and Tyson's Dad - Greg, is an amateur astronomer so our dogs are all either named after stars or after people in the field. Tyson attended his first star party out at the visitors center on Mt Charleston recently. He enjoyed meeting all the people who came to look through the telescope and soaked up all the love and attention.He is such a sweet boy that people can't help but love him!

From the first day that he came to our house for the meet and greet we knew he was meant to be with us. His first night with us he followed us upstairs, jumped up on the bed and made himself right at home. We couldn't possibly love him anymore! He loves rides in the car but unlike other dogs he doesn't stick his head out the window. He likes to sit very calmly and quietly in the middle of the back seat and look out the windshield. It's adorable.

We are so grateful to have him as part of our family.

Greg and Penny M. "

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