Happy Tail: Dudley

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What an beautiful Happy Tail we received from Dudley's family.

"We are SO grateful to have adopted Dudley!! This little angel (you can see where his wings were) has given US so much love and support after unexpectedly losing our 9 year old Lab Harry to post op complications Labor Day.

We were told Dudley arrived from a Utah shelter then into the foster moms home. He spent 6 weeks with her, then came to live with us. We suspect Dudley is leery of LONG car rides, as each has resulted in a new home.

We drove him to our CA home this week. He trembled in the car for the first hour. Upon arriving, he discovered that house smelled familiar so he relaxed. He met most of the neighborhood and had a play date with another dog. Another car ride (with another hour of trembling) we returned to Vegas and witnessed pure elation and joy in Dudley's face when he realized he was "home" again. I am including him on frequent errands to show him all roads lead home.

He has captured our hearts AND the middle of the bed every night. He's one terrific snuggler.

Dudley is microchipped, has 3 contact numbers on his name tag and wears a gps tracker, ok, overkill since he's generally within a 10 foot reach. We're not taking ANY chances. We're clueless how this sweet and lovable guy ended up in a shelter, but are thankful he made his way into our lives. Sorry Dudley, now you're stuck with us your ENTIRE life. ♡ you baby boy!!! Mama and Daddy

aka Karen S and Jay A."

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