Adopted: Buddy Junior, an 11 month old Male Yellow Labrador

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Adopted: Buddy Junior, an 11 month old Male Yellow Labrador, has found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Buddy is an 11 month old Yellow Labrador retriever with a bit of something else that his vet thinks may be Great Pyrenees. His beautiful temperament certainly supports this idea, as he has all the sweetness, curiosity and happy disposition of a Lab, and the patience, deliberateness, pack guarding characteristics of a Great Pyrenees.

Another clue about his possible ancestry is that Buddy looks like a Lab with Lab colorings and coat, but he has the body type of a much larger dog - such as the Great Pyrenees. HE is tall! He currently weighs 113 pounds, with not an extra ounce to spare. He still has some growing to do, but my guess is that his overall height and length wont change much - he will just fill out a bit more.

Buddy is friendly, gets along with my other dogs. He is learning how to be a member of the pack instead of its leader, which is what he appears to have been in his short past. He loves to lean on us and be petted. He doesnt jump, eat shoes or anything else he finds on the floor, or counter-surf even though at his height, this would be a breeze. He is starting to learn about toys and hasnt (yet) shown a desire to shred them to bits or eat them, which would be normal puppy behaviour! He is curious and likes to roam in my back yard, but always comes back to be near the pack so that he can do his job of protecting us.

Despite his size, Buddy is still just a pup. He doesnt know many commands, but is eager to learn. He uses the doggie door and is completely house trained. He's curious about the pool but hasnt yet been introduced to swimming. Buddy wants to please, and with his size and potential power, an obedience training course will be very important. As will having a confident, loving pack leader who has the time and desire to work with this puppy and help shape him into the great dog he is bound to be!"

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