Adopted: AJ, a 5 year old Male Yellow Labrador

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Adopted: AJ, a 5 year old Male Yellow Labrador, found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"AJ is a sweet boy with lots of energy. He loves to be around people and follows me all over the house. AJ likes to play tug of war and he loves to run. He gets along great with other dogs. He is kennel trained and should be kenneled when home alone. He is potty trained and loves going for walks although he will need some training as he pulls. AJ also loves going for rides in the car, getting on the couch and sleeping in the bed with me. Overall, AJ is a great dog and will make a great companion. He is very special and will make a fantastic addition to any family.
AJ does have cataracts; while he has lost substantial vision in one eye, his other eye is good, and he takes eye drops routinely as a preventive measure for losing any further vision "

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