Adopted: Annabelle, a 5 year old Female Yellow Labrador

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Adopted: Annabelle, a 5 year old Female Yellow Labrador, has found her forever home.

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Annabelle is such a sweet dog. She loves attention and just being around people. She is very friendly and gets along great with children and other dogs. She was a little anxious when we first got her, as she was getting used to a new place. Annabelle has a lot of playful energy, and will take some time to feel confident in her surroundings. She listens well and likes to stay active, but needs help with understanding rules and boundaries. She is potty trained and goes into her crate well. She needs some basic training, but is a fast learner. She hasn't barked much and she likes to play fetch if she doesn't have to compete to get the ball. She will be a great dog to any family that is willing to be patient and train her on basic commands and love her."

Annabelle currently has the maximum allowed meet requests. Please stay tuned for updates.

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