Happy Tail: Bo

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We are always so thrilled to receive Happy Tails on LVLR alumni. This Happy Tail is among one of the funniest, most loving we've ever read!

"Nine months ago, we got a Bo. He was a high strung wild guy, that clearly never really had a place to call home. We hoped to change that. At first, the odds were stacked against us. Not only did we get a Bo, we also got a Stealer of Sandwiches, a Chewer of Shoes, an Escaper of Houses, a Jumper of Walls, a Barker at Randomness, a Surfer of Counters, a Lunger at TVs, and a Whiner of Early Mornings. BUT after time, love, patience, more patience, a bit more patience, and LOTS of walks, I’m thrilled to announce we have also have Learner of Manners, a Sleeper of Couches, a Protector of Houses, a Lover of Walks, a Snuggler of Closeness, a Player of Friends, a Master of Games, a Maker of Smiles, and a Stealer of Hearts. Most importantly though, he’s become a Knower of Home and finally knows where he belongs…right here…with us. Welcome home, Bo. We love you!"

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