Happy Tail: Aspen (formerly Giselle)

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Happy Gotcha Day to Aspen Giselle, the mother of our Magnificent 7 litter of 2017. We love reading her beautiful update.

"Words can express the gratitude we have for the Las Vegas Labrador Rescue and all the wonderful volunteers especially to Victoria and John. Today is the 1 year anniversary for being blessed with Aspen Giselle aka Stretch (she is our first fur-baby that stretches every time she gets up). She is such a loving girl, snuggles between my husband and I nightly and gives soft gently kisses and a gentle paw swipe to tell us she wants more rubs. I believe her sweet gentle nature was developed when she was being a wonderful mommy to her babies. Aspen is very smart and a quick learner, she gives hi-fives and will sit/stay until she is told she can move (better than her older sister Cypress!). Her favorite toys are her Frisbee and tennis balls however loves to scatter all her toys in the living room and does not like it when I put them back in her toy box. She also knows the sound of our truck keys and bounces around like Tigger in hopes of going for a ride especially to our ranch in Utah. Thanks to you all for allowing us to be parents to such our amazing girls, Aspen Giselle and Cypress Blaze.

The Pipes Family
Kent, Tamela, Cypress and Aspen "

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