Adopted: Doug, a 4 year old Male Yellow Lab

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Adopted: Doug, a 4 year old Male Yellow Labrador, who is looking for his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Doug is a sweet lab with a great temperament, he is a lovable fluffy boy who sometimes forgets how big he is. He's always excited to meet new friends, whether they are people or other dogs. He gets along well with other dogs and hasn't met a person he doesn't like.

With a lot of energy Doug is fully housebroken, and he understands "sit" but is easily distracted by basically everything. He is a very big boy with a big heart to match, and is a great companion. He likes tummy rubs and splaying out on the floor. Doug is still working on his crate training, and needs to lose some weight. Doug will make a great addition to the right family committed to continuing his training and weight loss. Doug needs a family that understands his needs and are willing to be patient with his transition. "

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