Adopted: Bogo, a 1.5 year old Male Black Labrador

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Adopted: Bogo a a 1.5 year old Male Black Labrador, has found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

Bogo is a high energy, sweet Lab. He will need a committed, caring family willing to help him learn his manners.
Bogo is house trained, sleeps well in his kennel, and is good around other dogs. He doesn't quite play with our two, but that's because ours are aloof and disinterested to fosters anymore. He's a little scared on car rides, but that will improve with experience. Bogo really loves people, happy to snuggle and give kisses to anyone.
While Bogo is a year & a half old, he's still very much like a young puppy, needing to learn boundaries and structure. He's insecure, timid at first, and needs time to settle in and feel safe. When excited, he's very jumpy and mouthy. Shoes seem to be his favorite target so far, and we're teaching him what's acceptable to go in his mouth and what isn't. He's getting better walking on leash, and wants to please you. He's finally become comfortable enough to take naps in his kennel, on his own. He loves cuddling, and will be a great companion when he works through his insecurity and puppy traits.
Bogo is on his way to become the dog he is meant to be, he will need a family willing to continue training, have patience during his transition, and show him lots of love. For families with small children, Bogo would need an immediate commitment to training to help his transition and teach him proper behavior around little ones. Please keep that in mind if requesting a Meet & Greet. "

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