Happy Tail: Buddy

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We have another wonderful Happy Tail for Buddy. We love seeing these updates!

"We've had Buddy almost a year now and I felt an update was due. Buddy has learned to get along with his cat friend Max, found the joy in running through big puddles of water, and torn up an outdoor hassock (that's the little white pellets from the hassock). Best of all we bought a house with an acre of fenced land and Buddy enjoys being able to run from the front to the back. Buddy also enjoys going to the open land and looking for jackrabbits and just running and running.

We were blessed to be able to adopt Buddy, especially since our other lab died a month before, and enjoy each day with him. He is quite the character, always energetic (sometimes mischievous) and he makes us happy every day.

Thank you for giving us Buddy!

James and Mary"

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