Adopted: Ryder, a 4 year old Black Male Labrador

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Adopted: Ryder, a 4 year old Black Male Labrador, has found his forever home has the maximum number of approved families asking to meet him. We will not accept more requests until those meetings have taken place.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Ryder is a beautiful, big Black Labrador retriever. He has a head like a bear, and a heart as big as the planet. He's friendly and curious, and gets along with my family and my two Labs. He's content to play with toys or explore the back yard on his own, but then wants to come back and flop down on the floor next to my desk and the other dogs. Kind and affectionate, he's happy to hang out in his crate with the door open, and gladly sleeps there with the door closed at night while he earns full roaming privileges.

Ryder takes treats gently from my hand - which is great for such a big dog. He's learned to use the doggie door, but hasn't quite gotten the idea that he should use it as a way get outside to take care of his business. But we are working on that and he's already showing progress. He knows sit, down and no. We're working on reinforcement and learning new commands too. He's very eager to learn and please.

Ryder's size, relatively young age (3 y/o) and general bounciness means that potential adopters with small children may want to think about whether a big rambunctious young Lab is right for them at the moment.

As with all young dogs, Ryder will need love, patience, training and consistent reinforcement. He's already gotten a great start on the road to being an amazing and wonderful addition to the right family's pack. "

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