Adopted: Willow, a 4 month old Black Female Labrador

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Adopted: Willow, a 4 month old Black Female Labrador, has found her forever home.

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Willow is a hilariously wonderful young Lab! She is quite a character, feisty, strong willed, and very smart. Willow loves to play fetch already, romp and play, and has learned sit. She is also sweet, affectionate, and will also snuggle with humans. Willow is learning to adjust to a kennel, and while not thrilled to go, she quickly settles down. She is doing great with potty training, provided you stay on a schedule. As Willow is still a puppy, she's incredibly mouthy, curious and likes to play. She will need a strong leader to guide her through the puppy stages of life, helping her become the dog she is meant to be. Families with small children should take extra caution before requesting a meet, as Willow is still learning not to jump on people and walk on leash, and did we mention she's quite mouthy? Willow is good with other dogs and wants to play; our dogs, however, are not interested. Willow will need a family experienced with young, energetic Labs and committed to providing her with structure, boundaries and training. Willow will make a great companion, as she loves people and really is a blank canvas for training.
Willow requires a follow up trip to our vet for another round of booster vaccinations and her stitches removed, and that should be considered by any prospective family. It is a condition of her adoption."

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