Happy Tail: Maggie (formerly Scout)

Here is a great happy tail for Maggie (formerly Scout)...and a good reminder that it might take some time, training, and adjustment (and not just from your lab) for them to reach their potential 🙂

"I am happy to say this is a very happy tail after I almost gave up on Maggie(formerly Scout).   I adopted Maggie in Oct 2019.  After some jitters and training for us both, Maggie has been the best adventure buddy and companion.   Maggie went on a road trip with me for two months winning hearts among family and friends.  She has learned to socialize with dogs but still has some reservations with certain dogs.   Her best pal is Sadie the pit bull.   Her goofy bark is endearing.  She is a love and is  always at my feet or relaxing on the couch when not out adventuring.   Say Hi if ever out on the trails or on the water!"

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