Happy Tail: Luna (Formerly Harley)

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We have a wonderful Happy Tail for Kuna (formerly Harley):

" Update on Luna (formerly Harley) who came into my life Dec. 1 2017 (3 years today!)
Over the last few years we’ve been on many adventures together! She’s my best buddy and companion! She’s loyal and ever so loving! 
She loves her daily walks to the park! She loves them so much in fact I’m sure she’d walk there herself if I’d let her! 
She enjoys our adventures to star nursery, her naps, rides in the car and most of all our hiking and beach adventures! 
She is so expressive with her looks. Her puppy eyes get me every time and she sure knows how to use them! 
I can’t imagine a life without my sweet Lunes!
She is loved to the moon and back! 🌙 "

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