Adopt Me: Randy, a 1 year old Black Male Labrador

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Adopt Me: Randy, a 1 year old Black Male Labrador, who is looking for his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Randy is a joy! He's very curious and playful. He likes chasing leaves as they fly down the street on the wind, and intently watching birds flying.  He is also a big cuddler but like most pups, he craves stimulation, exercise and new experiences. If left unoccupied too long, he will find inappropriate new things to chew, such as shoes or a book from a bookcase he can reach. But with 2-3 sessions of 10 minutes each throughout the day to run, play fetch and practice commands, Randy and a tennis ball become best friends, and he ignores the off-limits temptations in his world. 

He follows me around the house all the time, and when I am working or otherwise sitting in one place, he's happy to curl up and hang out – mostly because he’s tired! 

He is quite good at entertaining himself and uses the doggie door to do his business and to go for solo back yard strolls to investigate new things. He's learning that his chew toys are more fun than backyard sticks and twigs.  He pulls a bit at the start of his leash walks, but then settles down nicely. Apples and carrots are his favorite post-training treats. He is gentle when accepting them from my hand, and eats his meals nicely as well.

Randy gets along well with my 2 other Labs, and quickly learned the pack hierarchy or our home.  He sleeps in his bed through the night, is good going into crate. He knows SIT, STAY, NO, and DOWN, but DOWN needs more practice and reinforcement, as he sometimes struggles to control his exuberance when meeting new people. He's strong and can be a bit like a bull in a china shop! 

He’ll thrive in a home with a pack leader who will provide training to help him understand the rules and boundaries of good behaviour, love and affection so that he can bond with his new pack, and lots of exercise to keep him occupied and calm while he grows through his puppyness into the great Labrador that's just starting to emerge. Randy's energy is high at this age, but quick to learn what's expected of him.   

Families with small children or older dogs should consider whether a young, powerful, rambunctious dog is the best match for them, and what processes they will put in place to ensure the safety of their family and pets and that of Randy as well."

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