Adopted: Zoey, a 4 year old Yellow Female Labrador

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Adopted: Zoey, a 4 year old Yellow Female Labrador, has found her forever home.

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Zoey is a very special 4 yr old female yellow lab. She is a laid back, easy going girl. Zoey is very sweet, loves attention & wants to be near you, as she is very people focused. She is housebroken, knows basic commands & walks well on a leash. Zoey does well with other animals, cats and dogs, and knows several commands. She is trained to walk on the left. Zoey has a calm demeanor, but does like to play. She loves her stuffed squeaky toys. She also likes chasing balls, but is very uncomfortable running & playing on desert rock landscaping. She will walk on the rocks to do her business, but will walk off as soon as she is done. Zoey does not like loud noises, but doesn't freak out. She quietly walks away & heads straight to her crate. Her crate is her safe place, so having a crate available to her is recommended. She gets a bit stressed when riding in the car. You can tell it's not her favorite thing to do. Zoey is a loving & affectionate girl. She is such a joy & will definitely melt your heart. While she is crate trained, when left alone in crate for long periods she can be destructive with items left in crate. Zoey is better suited to a quieter home, as she can be nervous around lots of activity and noise. She will make an amazing companion for the right family."

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