Adopted: Bandit, a 4 year old Black Male Labrador

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Adopted: Bandit, a 4 year old Black Male Labrador, found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Bandit is a handsome Lab with a little bit of hound mixed in for good measure!  He is very well-mannered, knows all his commands and is happy to comply. He eats without haste and is very gentle when taking a treat. He gets along great with my other two Labs, and fell right in with the pack and the pace of our home. He was happy and friendly meeting my family. 
Not a barker, but he's very alert. He is happy to wander off to the back yard on his own and hang out there, but even happier to be with the rest of the pack wherever we are. He likes his doggie beds, and will get up on the sofa or bed - if he can get away with it, only when he wants to cuddle with the people who are already there. He learned how to use the doggie door in about 5 minutes, and was great in my car.
Right now, Bandit's a bit overweight, and hopes his new family will help him with his diet and be sure he gets plenty of exercise every day.  Bandit's a loving, wonderful dog and will be a great addition to any home."

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