Adopted: Buttercup, a 6 year old Female Yellow Labrador

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Adopted: Buttercup, a 6 year old Female Yellow Labrador, has found her forever home.

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Buttercup is a beautiful Lab with a heart of gold. She is so sweet, friendly and well-behaved that you think she's like a perfectly behaved little girl. But the great thing about Buttercup is that as sweet as she is - she's also ALL Lab in her personality.
She is just as happy to run around the back yard kicking up dirt to cover her tracks, or follow me throughout the house, or fling herself down at my feet looking for belly rubs when I am working at my desk.  She eats her meals daintily and is gentle when taking a treat. But she gets just as excited as my 'foodie' Lab who would knock over a tank to get to his food, whenever their meals are being served.
Buttercup is very affectionate, but independent enough to go walk-about in my back yard on her own and have a stretch and a sniff of fresh air. She's smart and quickly assessed the dynamics of our pack, found her place in it, and even knew when the moment was right to attempt getting up on the foot of the bed where my two Labs hang out.  And she was right - they let her stay!
She does not chew on shoes or anything else, and doesn't seem very interested in toys - dont think she might have had many in her life.  She learned to use the doggie door very quickly and knows commands such as come, sit and no. She pulls a bit on the leash, and while it's been too hot to take her outside and work on walking properly, she's willing to learn and is eager to please. She is a little bit of a counter-surfer and tried to get something off my kitchen counter twice. But she knew immediately when I said no, and she showed she was sorry (probably for being caught, though). And after being called on it twice, she has not gone near the counters since.

Buttercup is the whole package - a sweet little girl with a great Labrador personality. She will make a wonderful addition to any happy family."

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