Adopted: Chandler, a 5 month old Male Yellow Labradoodle

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Pending: Chandler, a 5 month old Male Yellow Labradoodle*, found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Chandler is bright, quick to lear and in the first 24 hrs he has learnt to sit, master the stairs of the deck and interacts well with our dog. He is adventurous, loving, captivated by balls and playing with them . He is not intimidated so he needs consistent training cues. Will potty outside when taken frequently. He has had little potty training  so he needs someone who follows his cues . He cried last night in his crate for a while so he still needs to get used to that, but goes in willingly. He eats well and will make a great addition to any family willing to spend time with him. Families with small children should be prepared the Chandler is a puppy, mouth and jump, and needs time to mature. He is happy & his tail never stops wagging."

*Chandler was surrendered to a shelter by a breeder. We did not DNA test the pups for verification that they're Labradoodles, we are going by their statement, and evaluations from the shelter and our vet.

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