Adopted: Ross, a 5 month old Black Male Labradoodle

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Pending: Ross, a 5 month old Black Male Labradoodle*, found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Ross is a smart & sweet labradoodle! He definitely wants to make his owner happy by listening & watching what you are doing.  He is learning to potty train, we take him out often and he is starting to go to the door sometimes.  He is a cuddler, if you want a puppy to love on ~ he immediately calms down when you pick him up or lay next to him and rub his chest.  He is still in puppy mode & wants to chew, bite & jump, so you have to keep your eye on him ~ he likes to find items to steal or chew on.  When we catch him, we immediately swap what he is chewing and give him a chew bone which he loves!  If you have any other pets, he is definitely going to want to try and play with them.  He is with two other dogs right now and is starting to walk away when they growl and have had enough of him.  He definitely has Labrador & loves his food!  We are teaching him sit, down & no and he does respond to sit & no pretty good.  He loves our circle Costco dog bed for naps or the couch.  He has not been in the crate but once since nobody has left the house, so he will have to be trained to use that.  He has been sleeping in our bed at night & only seems to get up when he hears another pet or human getting up. We have been trying to walk him on a leash in the backyard, but he wants to play tug of war with the leash.  He has been in our home for just a couple days & we can see he is a smart boy and is lovable, but he is a puppy and needs patience."

*Ross was surrendered to a shelter by a breeder. We did not DNA test the pups for verification that they're Labradoodles, we are going by their statement, and evaluations from the shelter and our vet.

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