Adopted: Max, a 4 year old Chocolate Male Labrador

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Adopted: Max, a 4 year old Chocolate Male Labrador, found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Max is a mellow, well mannered, sweet and loveable four-year old chocolate lab. He is very friendly and seems to love everyone he meets. He loves to play, fetch, run and seeks out toys and stuffed animals.  He is calm and attentive, doing his best to do exactly what you ask of him. He likes to be involved in whatever is happening and seems comfortable and relaxed in all situations. He is ready to do anything but can also be happy just lying on the floor by your feet. 

Max knows all of his basic commands, “sit, stay, down, off, wait…”. And he knows “shake, high-five, give paw, watch me and freeze”. He walks very well on the leash, without pulling or straying. He will walk next to you and will return to “heal” with the command. His recall is excellent, with him understanding the “come” command when used with his name. He is potty trained and has had no accidents during his time with us. He learned to use the doggy door in about ten minutes and is pleased to be self-sufficient. 

Max does very well with other dogs, even patiently providing guidance to younger or less experienced dogs. We are not sure about how he will react to cats or other small animals as we have none. He is also an excellent watch dog, barking to alert you to any strange sounds outside. He is crate trained and seems happy spending some quiet periods there when necessary. 

Max has been a genuine pleasure to have in our home. He is already an excellent dog and does not require training. He is not overly active and definitely likes time to relax. He will do well in any home, including those with children and other dogs. He is looking for someone to take care of him as a companion or as a family dog."

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