Adopted: T-Rex, a 6 month old Black Male Labrador

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Adopted: T-Rex, a 6 month old Black Male Labrador, has found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"This long-legged puppy will be a loyal companion to his owner and will follow them around everywhere.   He is going to the door when he needs to go to the bathroom and is sleeping through the night.  T Rex is not a fan of the kennel just yet, so he needs training to know that is a safe place for him.  He responds to a firm "no" and will walk away from whatever he is getting into that he shouldn't be.  When a new person walks into the room, he will get excited and sometimes jump up.  He loves his food and will jump up to see what is on the counter to eat.  T Rex seems to get along with other male dogs so far and wants to play with them, but still learning his boundaries when they do not want to play back.  Keep your eye on him, he will sneak away and grab an item he shouldn't have or get into the trash if he is able to, so make sure a nylabone or a kong toy is available for him to chew on.  He is a very friendly puppy and has typical puppy habits, but you can tell he just wants to be loved & please his owner."

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