Adopted: Chief, a 5 year old Black Male Labrador

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Adopted: Chief, a 5 year old Black Male Labrador, who is looking for his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Chief is a big and strong boy who is motivated most by love from his humans. He will follow you from room to room and he stays right by your side. He will be as close to you as possible on the couch and likes to cuddle. He thinks he is a lap dog. 

He is not aggressive at all with our two other dogs, but does push his way for attention. He doesn’t seem to care about other dogs, he would much rather be with his humans. He will come right up to you, sit, and wait to be pet. He has not jumped on people. Chief has been left alone with our 2 dogs for hours without incident, he will just lay down. 

Around the house, Chief is overall very good. He has only had 1 potty incident (likely because of his medicine). He does jump onto tables and bring stuff down. But he shows no destructive tendencies with any items (shoes, furniture, etc) around the house. 

He will go into the crate with guidance, but he will start to whine and bark very loudly continuously. We have left the house and seen him on camera, it seems to stop after an hour or so. He is improving every day with the crate.

He walks well on a leash 80% of the time. He is not reactive to other dogs or people. He likes to explore and will pull you, but listens to correction.

Chief might be the only lab that does not like water! His bath with us was initially very challenging. He is very strong and we had to tie him to a post with a short leash outside and hose him. After a few minutes he did relax and “tolerate” the shower. 

Overall, Chief is an AMAZING dog and we already love him so much. He needs to work on some basic house manners. His size does make small issues seem more than what they are. We believe in full transparency and have highlighted his strengths and opportunities. He will do best with an active family that understands they will have to be a little patient to show him how to be the best boy he can be. He wants nothing more than your love and Chief really does have so much potential."

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