Adopted: Janey, a 2 year old Female Black Labrador

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Janey, a 2 year old Female Black Labrador, has found for her furever home

***Please Read Carefully*** ***Updated 9/13/22***

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Janey has been our home for almost 6 months now, and we have a good handle on her behaviors & quirks. We originally had felt it was in her best interest to be in an only dog home, to prevent being returned to the rescue and traumatizing her.

Janey is living with 1 senior, medical needs Lab (we recently lost our other senior), and 98% of the time does great. She wants to play more than our senior girl is capable of, and can steam roll her with energy & physicality. Where we have to watch her is her protectiveness of us, her people. If she's sitting/standing with us first, and the other dog comes up, she can be reactive. If we're with our dog first and she comes up, no issues at all. We know the cues, know how to manage her, and recognize it's only in relation to her being there (around us) first. As experienced fosters, we manage her well & avoid altercations, and as time has passed Haney has simply gotten much better. If you have a strong skillset for training, Janey might be a good fit, even with other dogs. With small children in the home, her energy level when she's excited can be overwhelming, and she doesn't yet recognize her ability to knock a little one over. As a typical young Lab, Janey is mouthy and nose pokey, and still loves to chew on appropriate things (kings, nylabones, etc). When she's really playful (and not getting the attention she wants), she bows down, barks and growls, and that can be misconstrued if you don't know that's just her way of trying to get you to play with her. With further training and learning not to jump on people (she's a happy girl), she'd be good. As experienced as we are as fosters, we are juggling the daily needs of our senior, lacking the time to spend training her as much as we'd like.

Janey is a happy-go-lucky goofball. She is very affectionate and loves to snuggle with her humans. She has learned to open and close doors! She is house trained, rides well in a car, and does OK on leash. Chasing a ball is her FAVORITE, and likes to play on the first step of the pool, but isn't fully swimming yet (by our choice). She's still trying to figure out how to get 2 balls in her mouth at the same time, and does great figure 8 zoomies. Janey has learned the crate is safe, and now goes in with little issue, sleeping through the night in our room. We believe her sleeping , crated in the same room as us, was crucial to de-stressing her. When crated alone, she's made great improvements and is simply excited when we return, rather than upset. Janey still has her happy puppy nature, and likes socks, occasionally a shoe, and slippers are her fave. She's quick to learn when told no, but still has a mischievous nature. She loves to play, and then chilling once she's had mental & physical stimulation. On walks, she can stress herself out when other dogs are nearby and become reactionary, but we believe with a strong leader, she'll continue to improve.

Janey has had a rough go in the last few months, from being an abandoned dog, to a shelter, then several foster homes and then with a family that didn't work out. While she has found stability in our home, and we can see her potential, we really home to find her furever family ASAP. We know it's going to take a special family to see just how great a dog Janey is, and continue working with her to abate her anxiety and reactions. She has gained her confidence, we can see she's a truly sweet, loving pup. Janey will make an excellent companion for the right family that is committed to further training and managing what is expected of her. She really loves to be with people and is a great buddy.

Even if Janey is not the right fit for you, please consider sharing."

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