Happy Tail: Athena

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Happy Tails like Athena's are such a joy to receive!

"We can hardly believe that we have had 2 years with Athena. Athena came into our lives shortly after the very unexpected loss of our 5 year old chocolate lab Josie due to a liver/stomach tumor. Losing Josie was just as hard on her Dobie sister as it was on us.. we couldn’t bear the loss of such a special family member as Josie and neither could her Dobie sister Maddie. We met Athena about 1 month after losing Josie. Athena had so much love to give and wasn’t too sure she could trust there would be permanence in a new home. She came into our home looking to both get and give love but cautious and trying to figure out the new place and new people. It took her time to learn she would never have to go anywhere else and that all her people would always come home to her every day. She is the sweetest girl who just can’t get close enough and can’t get enough hugs and loves. She loves her cat brother Gary who she initially thought was prey and she is learning more and more about playing with her Dobie sister every day. She learned to trust in Maddie’s trust which relaxed her anxiety about her humans leaving the house. She also knows now that if she or Maddie have to leave for a vet checkup they will always be coming back home. She can’t be without her blankey or a toy and is very proud to show them off to all - including Gary the cat. It took awhile to see her come out of her shell but she continues to blossom more and more as she develops more understanding that this is all hers furever."

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