Adopted: Gunner, a 4 year old Male Yellow Labrador

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Adopted: Gunner, a 4 year old Male Yellow Labrador, who is looking for his forever home.

"Gunner is a focused, well behaved, loveable four-year old yellow lab. He is very friendly and seems to instantly love everyone he meets. He loves kids and anyone who will play with him. His favorite game is fetching (preferably with a ball) and would do that most of the day if he could. He is very attentive and eager to please, always doing his best to do exactly what you ask of him. He is active and looks for non- destructive ways to keep himself busy. He can be vocal when overly exited or if he wants to play. This is not barking, but more like excited talking. Gunner knows most of his basic commands and is working on walking on the leash without pulling. His recall is excellent, and he knows his name. He will excitedly run to you if you make it sound interesting. He is potty trained and has had no accidents during his time with us. He learned to use the doggy door, with the help of our lab, and has been self-sufficient since. He loves to eat and drink (like most labs).   

Gunner does well with other dogs. He interacts and is cordial with other dogs but would rather play fetch or tug of war with a person. He has not been exposed to cats or other small animals as we have none. He is crate trained and sleeps through the night without issue. He has been left alone in our house unsupervised and was observed patiently waiting or relaxing in his crate with the door open. He will happily jump up on the sofa or bed, but only if invited.  

Gunner has been a pleasure to have in our home. He is smart, well-mannered and lovable. His happy demeanor, passion for play, love of fetch and attentiveness are his strong traits. He loves to be active, but also understands when it is time to relax and is happy to do so. He will do well in any home, including those with children and other pets. He is looking for someone to play with him and to take care of him as a loyal companion or as a family dog. "

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