Adopted: Jack, a 3 month old Male Chocolate Labrador

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Adopted: Jack, a 3 month old Male Chocolate Labrador, has found his furever home.

Here is a bio from his foster family...

Please read carefully, as Jack has 3 requirement followup appointments with our vet.

"Jack is an adorable puppy, so cute and playful. Like with any puppy, Jack needs a strong leader to guide him through the stages of puppy life, and help him transition to a happy, well adjusted adult. Jack is very smart, strong willed and energetic. He is mouthy & chewy, and needs consistent boundaries to help teach good behaviors and expectations. He is doing very well with house training, with a consistent schedule of outside time. Jack is working through crate training, and while he currently doesn't like being contained, we're working on teaching him the crate is a safe place, as well as a pen. As with any puppy, it will take time to train him to walk on leash, sleep through the night, along with other commands. As he is smart and driven, training is an excellent way to both teach him expectations and work him physically & mentally. Jack is also very snuggly and affectionate, loves his people as well as other dogs.

Jack will do well with a family committed to his training, working on behavior expectations and seeing him through the puppy stage. We're confident with the right plan, Jack will grow into a strong, confident amazing dog."

Jack has 3 remaining appointments with our Vet, that are a part of his adoption agreement. He needs 2 more rounds of puppy boosters, along with his neuter. Before submitting a request to meet Jack, please make sure you'e willing to abide by these conditions for adoption.

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