Adopted: Cosmo, a 10 month old Male Yellow Labrador

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Adopted: Cosmo, a 10 month old Male yellow Labrador, is looking for his furever home.

Here is a bio from his foster home...

"Cosmo is a sweet natured, gentle soul that will need extra time and love to feel secure with his people. He is shy and timid at first, but warms up to people after a little time. Cosmo needed extra time in foster care to build trust and lay some training foundations, and we now believe he's on the right path to be a great companion. With continued love, security and guidance, Cosmo will open up even more in the future.

Cosmo is house trained, and learned to go in/out the dog door as needed. He loves to chase a ball, but isn't alway great on bringing it back. Cosmo is fantastic with other dogs. While he wants to play with our senior, he gives her proper respect and doesn't push it. He has had another foster puppy with him for a bit, and he really loves being the 'big brother'. With dogs, he takes cues well, and generally love to play and curl up with them. He would probably do well with cats as well, he has a very gentle & accommodating to other dogs. He does OK on leash, and needs more work to be fully trained. Working on commands (sit, leave it, etc) are a little more complicated with Cosmo, and he needs extra patience and kindness to understand training is a positive for him.

Cosmo doesn't like the crate, but has learned to be comfortable in a crate/pen combination. He'd prefer to be with humans, and sleeps better through the night where he can see the humans.

Cosmo will make a great companion with a family that is willing to take time, love and patience to continue to build his confidence, with postive reinforcement training."

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