Adopted: Gunner, a 1.5 year old Black Male Labrador

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Adopted: Gunner, a 1.5 year old Black Male Labrador, who is looking for his forever home.

Here is a bio from his foster family:

"Gunner is a sweet, energetic and curious pup. He is a bit timid when first meeting other dogs and people, but warms up very quick. He loves playing with balls and toys with his foster brothers. Gunner is a little shy of his surroundings when going on a walk and will need gentle correction when he starts pulling and gets excited. Gunner can be anxious, and quickly calms down while given a toy or going on a walk. He knows how to use a doggie door. He has had a few accidents, but with gentle guidance will go potty while outside. Gunner is getting a lot better with going in his kennel and will sleep through the night. He loves cuddles and ear scratches. Gunner believes he is a lap dog and will give “hugs” to get in your lap. He is a very smart and quick learner who wants to please his people. Gunner would be a wonderful addition to any family looking for a loyal companion. "

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