Adopted Doug, a 5 month old Male Yellow Labrador

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Adopted: Doug, a 5 month old Male Yellow Labrador, found forever home.

Here is a bio from his foster family:

"The first thing you should know about Doug is he is named for the mascot/CEO of the 15/10 Foundation, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge the day before LVLR brought Doug in their care. As the foundation helps shelter dogs with medical needs get adopted, we found it only fitting to honor Doug in this way.

Our Doug can be very timid when meeting new people, but is gaining confidence every day. He rides well in a car and sleeps almost all through the night. Doug is still young, and doing great with house training, with scheduled breaks outside. Doug will continue to need guidance and structure to get fully house trained. He loves to chase a ball, run & play, and is doing well with bringing it back. Doug is doing well in a crate over night, and we're working leaving him alone in crate during day, so he gets more comfortable. He is still unsure of leash walking, and can get scared quickly, but with more time & repetition, he'll be good. Doug is very smart, quick to learn, and loves people.

As he gets more comfortable, Doug is showing his puppy traits, the mouthy, chewing, mischief side. Socks everywhere should be on high alert! Doug will need a family committed to his ongoing training, teaching Doug appropriate behaviors with a gentle touch. Doug really just wants to be loved, and is such a sweet boy with humans. He loves other dogs as well.

Doug will make an excellent companion for the family willing to continue training him, and showing how to grow into a well mannered dog.

*Anyone considering adopting Doug will be required to schedule his neuter with our Vet within 30 days of adoption.*

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