Adopted: Juno, a 4 year old Black Female Labrador

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Adopted: Juno, a 4 year old Black Female Labrador, who is looking for her forever home.

Here is a bio from her foster family:

"Juno is a beautiful girl, high energy, but settles down eventually. She doesn’t bark, only heard her once or twice in 4 weeks. She will eat anything, we feed her with a slow feeder (to come with her). We are currently trying to get a few pounds off her. Sleeps well, and will go in her crate if we need to leave for a couple hours during the day. She sleeps in a crate or on a dog bed next to me. She loves to chase a ball, once she starts, she doesn’t want to stop. Walks on a leash like a pro. We always use a Martingale collar or harness. Knows sit and stay commands, however will usually lay down if in a sit very long. Juno understands no and off, usually complies, but she is a tease. Gets along with all the neighborhood dogs, as well as our own. She is a lover, not a fighter. Uses a dog door, and has never had an accident in our home. She is not destructive, leaves things alone. A pile of Kongs helps ensure this. I wouldn’t leave food out, however. I believe all bets would be off. Rides great in a car, we put her crate in the back of our SUV and she lays down and is quiet the whole way, 4-5 hour stretches. She is a fierce chewer, so Kong toys are best. We put low cal, low fat powdered peanut butter inside her Kong and she entertains herself her a long time. She loves playing and interaction with her people, so an active couple with time to play would be her Christmas wish come true."

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