Adopted: Ridley, a 3 year old Male Yellow Labrador

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Adopted: Ridley, a a 3 year old Male Yellow Labrador, who is looking for his forever home.

Here is a bio from his foster family:

"Ridley is a happy, well-mannered, sweet and lovable three-year old male yellow lab. He is extremely friendly and wants to give love and attention to everyone he meets. He is playful, loves to run and very good at fetch. He has a good deal of energy, but is past the puppy stage and is not wild or destructive. He is food motivated and loves to eat. He is attentive and does his best to do exactly what you ask of him. He is curious and likes to be involved in whatever is happening. He is ready to do anything, but can also be happy just lying by your side. He likes to give and get hugs and seems perfectly comfortable on any type of furniture. 

Ridley knows many of his basic commands, “sit, stay, down, off, wait…”. He walks reasonably well on the leash, without significant pulling. His recall is good, and we are reinforcing using his name because we are not sure that he knows it. He is potty trained and has had no accidents during his time with us, even though he is recovering from his neutering surgery. With the help of our dog, he learned to use the doggy door the first day with us and will use it when needed, or with a gentle reminder.  

Ridley has done very well with other dogs, playing and interacting with our dog and a neighbor dogs. We are not sure about how he will react to cats or other small animals, but he does not seem to have a significant prey instinct. He is an excellent watch dog, excitedly alerting us to people at the front door, without barking. He is crate trained and is able to sleep through the night by himself. He seems to like car rides, but wants to sit up front with the driver for the best view.  

Ridley has been a pleasure to have in our home. He is a good dog that, with some consistent and reinforced training will turn into an excellent dog. He will do well in any home, including those with children and other dogs. He is looking for someone to love him and take care of him as a companion or as a family dog. "

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