Happy Tails

Happy Tail: Dodger (Formerly Malone)

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Here's another fantastic Happy Tail from an LVLR adopter:

We adopted Dodger formally Malone. In the beginning of 2013, he is doing great, he loves his little sister Jasmine. It’s funny he has his choice of 3 beds and always chooses the smallest one. He was such a great addition to our family!

Thank You!

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Happy Tail: Raider (Formerly Conner)

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We love getting these updates on our adopted Labs!

We adopted a four month old boy back in April. He was one of three lab mix puppies rescued from Utah. He has since been named Raider. Most of our family are huge Raider fans and my husband has been working on the Raider stadium for the past couple years, so it just fit.

We knew Raider was a mix when we adopted him, but curiosity got the best of us so we did one of those home DNA tests. To our surprise our black Lab is actually a Rottweiler in disguise, lol. He is 2% Labrador. We love him just the same. 💚

Raider is extremely smart. He knows all the normal commands, but beyond that he uses his wit to get away with naughty stuff too. He can snatch food off your plate in a way that leaves no mess or evidence. He knows how to step on the foot lever of the trash can to get it open. He hides stolen items under couches or other low places that people can’t easily get to. He amazes me sometimes with his sneakiness.

He is very good with both our kids and he would protect our 4 year old daughter with his life. He is her big lap dog baby. He loves chasing bunnies in our back yard, even though he is yet to catch one. He is probably the fastest dog I’ve ever seen too. His best friend/enemy is the neighbors cat. Sometimes they snuggle and sometimes they try to eat each other. The cat had the upper hand for about the first three months (see video).

Raider is a happy boy. He has an acre to runaround and play, but still loves snuggling on the couch just as much. We are so happy to have him as part of our family.

Raider’s Mommy"

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Happy Tail: Sierra (Formerly Remme)

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We love receiving updates on our former rescues. This is an amazing Happy Tail for Sierra (formerly Remme) !

"We adopted this beautiful girl almost two years ago and made her part of our family. She is incredibly sweet, playful and great with the kids. I have never seen a dog more obsessed with her ball and is always ready to play fetch. She has tons of energy and has gone with us to the beach in L.A., visiting family in Phoenix, hiking in Red Rock and playing in the snow in Utah. If you're busy and can't play ball with her (or her second favorite thing: rub her belly) she will just curl up next to you. Total velcro dog, follows you everywhere around the house and we love it. She's doing great and we look forward to many more years with her.
Andrew G."

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Happy Tail: Mia (Formerly Mia 2)

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We just love getting updates on our former rescue. What a great Happy Tail!

We adopted Mia [formally known as Mia 2] a year ago on April 24th! Just wanted to share some pictures and let you know she is doing wonderful! She loves our other lab and is a happy girl. Thank you guys for your hard work and for the opportunity to give her the love she deserves!!

Cara J."

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Happy Tail: Sina (Formerly Alaska)

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  • Sina aka Alaska

We love receiving these sweet, lovely updates on past, adopted Labs!

"Hi there. It's Sina aka Alaska. I adopted her on 12/30 and she's been the best, most luvable girl. Just wanted to share this pic. It's the look on her face when I tell her we are going for a ride. this was her at my office. Thank you for my sweet gal."

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Happy Tail: Buddy

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We have another wonderful Happy Tail for Buddy. We love seeing these updates!

"We've had Buddy almost a year now and I felt an update was due. Buddy has learned to get along with his cat friend Max, found the joy in running through big puddles of water, and torn up an outdoor hassock (that's the little white pellets from the hassock). Best of all we bought a house with an acre of fenced land and Buddy enjoys being able to run from the front to the back. Buddy also enjoys going to the open land and looking for jackrabbits and just running and running.

We were blessed to be able to adopt Buddy, especially since our other lab died a month before, and enjoy each day with him. He is quite the character, always energetic (sometimes mischievous) and he makes us happy every day.

Thank you for giving us Buddy!

James and Mary"

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Happy Tail: Molly (formerly Kate)

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We received a happy a lovely Happy Tail for Molly (formerly Kate).

"Please see below for a photo of Molly (Kate) with her big brother and BFF Doc. (Doc was a rescue from the Mojave Animal shelter)They love playing together and Molly is growing so fast! She is doggy door trained and understands the sit command. Her favorite thing is to snuggle up on the coach next to her Dad. We love both of our rescue dogs so much and they bring such light into our lives!"

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Happy Tail: Addison (Formerly Shaye)

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What a wonderful Holiday Happy Tail we received from Addison's family!

It has been about a year since we adopted Addison, and I thought I would drop you a line to tell you how the year has gone.

Both Scott and I love her dearly, that goes without saying. Teddy continues to love his best friend/sister. They enjoy a vigorous morning play time after breakfast, followed by morning nap. Oddly they take afternoon nap together but morning nap they take separately. Weekends find them on hikes or long walks. Addison gets grumpy mid-week if she doesn’t get her scheduled neighborhood walks. She expresses her displeasure by getting one of her collars and showing us.

Shortly after we welcomed Addison, she completed a walking and obedience class with some mastiff pups in our neighborhood. In the past year, she has had no issue with any dog she has encountered and is quite the social butterfly.

Her weight and health have been good. I was paranoid that she had swallowed too much toy stuffing, but an X-ray showed her perfect and stuffing free. She enjoys her tubby baths. She does not care for swimming. She will hang out on the first step of our pool but feels that is far enough. On a river walk, she showed us she can swim and that she does not like it by avoiding any depth greater than her elbow. Teddy- a natural born swimmer- doesn’t mind this as it is his way to shine. Most frequently laying on a lounge chair and watching her brother swim, Addison is quite a picture.

When we first got her, she jumped over the fence to the neighbor’s and we were on watch to make sure that she did not run/jump a way. As it is such a serious thing, we were constantly evaluating situations and guarding against this fact. About 3 months after we got Addison, I was returning home and she leapt out of the car at the same time her brother did and her lead was not secured. She happily ran to the front door. Not taking that event as common, it took several other occasions to know that she is not only not a runner/jumper but the first one back to the door. Clearly, we still take precautions to protect Ted and Addison but there is an emotional comfort to know that other than the first week, she is not trying to flee us.

Addison has been to Utah several times, celebrated Christmas, Easter, Halloween, & Thanksgiving, given endless kisses to her brother, decided dropping her nylabone is the best way to wake up sleeping parents, made friends, seen rabbits, deer & coyotes and enjoyed many massages. Very much like a girl, her favorite show is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Each time last winter it would come on, she would jump on to the couch and snuggle with me, so she could still see the television. She does not like the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

We did have her DNA tested and she is more Bloodhound than anything, followed by Lab, Golden Retriever, more hound and Akita. Akita ends the curly tail dispute. The Bloodhound explains some of the noises she makes! To encourage her puppy mind, we continue to do scent training (for the Bloodhound) and fun challenges (for the rest.)

Thank you again for the service you provide.

Astraia & Scott"

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Happy Tail: Brody (formerly Buddy)

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We received this heartwarming Happy Tail for Brody (formerly Buddy) from an LVLR volunteer!

"We adopted Brody Kane (f/k/a Buddy) on 06/02/2018. You may be asking, “who is Buddy? I never saw him posted as an “available lab.” If you are a volunteer with Las Vegas Labrador Rescue (LVLR), you may have an opportunity to meet a lab before s/he is even released for adoption. And we got lucky when we were able to help transport Brody from a shelter in UT to LVLR, and quickly learned on the car ride Brody was special. After being released from Vet care, we scheduled a meet & greet with Brody's foster family, and we fell in love. And you all should be very disappointed you did not have an opportunity to adopt Brody Kane. Let me tell you why...

We adopted Flynn (f/k/a Icing) on 07/03/2014 through LVLR. Shortly thereafter, Mommy became an “official” volunteer with LVLR. Flynn was everything we could ask for in a dog - he was cuddly, lovey, protective, and an amazing companion. However, Flynn is “Mommy’s dog.” Flynn follows Mommy around, spends the day working with her, and is rarely more than an outstretched arm away from Mommy. Flynn sleeps next to Mommy’s side of the bed every night, and she likes it like that.

But...we have two (2) young boys who wanted “their own dog.” We were hoping for a second dog that would prefer to hang out with our boys, take turns sleeping in our boys’ rooms, and be the “boys’ dog” in all respects. Despite the naysayers (they know who they are), during our “meet and greet” with Brody Kane, he followed the boys around and wanted to hang out with them, although he was very friendly with Mom and Dad. Brody Kane and Flynn played together and did remarkably well.

So...we did the only reasonable thing we could do– we adopted Brody Kane. Our boys named Brody Kane - Our oldest son selected the first name - Brody, which is Irish and means “From the muddy place.” Our youngest son selected Kane after Harry Kane, striker for Tottenham Hotspur and captain of the England national team (what can we say...we love football/soccer).

Brody Kane fits with our family perfectly, better than anyone could have predicted. Brody Kane alternates sleeping in each boys’ room every single night (at bedtime, he looks at Mom, inquiring as to which room he’s sleeping in, goes into his bedroom and plops down on his memory foam dog bed). Brody Kane follows both boys around, and he only hangs out with Mom and/or Dad when the boys are at school. Brody Kane loves to ride in the car with Mom to take the boys to school, although he cries when the boys get out of the car - it is so sweet. To say that the boys got “their dog” is an understatement. I can’t say who loves whom more - the boys or Brody Kane. And, Daddy got a dog out of the adoption, too. While Brody Kane loves the boys “the most,” Daddy is a close second and he could not be happier.

Brody Kane has also had a wonderful impact on our Flynn. Flynn is a bit of a nervous fellow but the very mellow Brody Kane has helped Flynn be brave and less nervous. Flynn, who hates car rides, has even voluntarily taken a ride in the car to take the boys to school (pre-Brody Kane, this would never have happened). Before Brody Kane, when Mommy traveled for the occasional work trip, Flynn would isolate himself from the rest of the family and wait for Mommy’s return. Now, Flynn hangs out with the family, although Daddy said it is apparent that he is listening for Mommy to arrive home. Brody Kane and Flynn are best friends - they play together and they will even eat off the same platter together (while being carefully supervised). Flynn happily shares his toys and treats from his monthly Bullymake box with Brody Kane.

When we adopted Flynn, we thought we had the best dog in the world. After adopting Brody Kane, we realized that we have the two (2) best dogs in the world. We love our Flynn (who we call “Puppy”) and Brody Kane (who we call “Baby Puppy”). Thank you Las Vegas Lab Rescue for completing our family, again."

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Happy Tail: Cami (Formerly Molly)

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We received a fantastic Happy Tail for Cami. Happy Gothcha Day!

"This Las Vegas Lab Rescue alumni has grown into such an amazing, beautiful girl . She has a personality like no other and fits perfectly into our family. She’s still holds on to her goofy, puppy personality but can be the biggest cuddler of all her sisters in the family. She plays nonstop all day and then sleeps all night while taking our entire bed to herself. Cami is obsessed with socks and hold the record of stuffing 9 socks in her mouth all at once ! She never eats them , just likes to steal as many as possible and then she waits with a tail wagging as fast as it can possibly go to see which one of us finds her first. This has become a little game of hers every morning while getting ready for work. She has become dad’s little hunting side kick and continues to train to become a one of a kind duck dog.
We are so excited to announce that our Cami Sue is also a hero, a life saver! She did her first donation with the Las Vegas Animal Blood Bank this past week. She was a trooper for her first time and especially loved all the snacks that she received afterwards .
We couldn’t imagine our family without Cami and are so excited to be celebrating her one year anniversary with us!"

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Happy Tail: Aspen (formerly Giselle)

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Happy Gotcha Day to Aspen Giselle, the mother of our Magnificent 7 litter of 2017. We love reading her beautiful update.

"Words can express the gratitude we have for the Las Vegas Labrador Rescue and all the wonderful volunteers especially to Victoria and John. Today is the 1 year anniversary for being blessed with Aspen Giselle aka Stretch (she is our first fur-baby that stretches every time she gets up). She is such a loving girl, snuggles between my husband and I nightly and gives soft gently kisses and a gentle paw swipe to tell us she wants more rubs. I believe her sweet gentle nature was developed when she was being a wonderful mommy to her babies. Aspen is very smart and a quick learner, she gives hi-fives and will sit/stay until she is told she can move (better than her older sister Cypress!). Her favorite toys are her Frisbee and tennis balls however loves to scatter all her toys in the living room and does not like it when I put them back in her toy box. She also knows the sound of our truck keys and bounces around like Tigger in hopes of going for a ride especially to our ranch in Utah. Thanks to you all for allowing us to be parents to such our amazing girls, Aspen Giselle and Cypress Blaze.

The Pipes Family
Kent, Tamela, Cypress and Aspen "

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Happy Tail: Jojo (Formerly Josie)

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What a wonderful start to 2018, with an incredible Happy Tail.

"We got Jojo aka Josie in September 2017 - she was approximately ten months old. I know we have only had her almost four months but we cannot imagine our life without her.

Boy - did I forget how much a puppy can change your life! She still forgets that she cannot jump on everyone that walks in the door and her mouthiness is reducing. She is no longer jumping on counters, she had a few accidents in the house during the first two weeks, she quickly learned potty goes outside. She loves her squeaky toys and when she is excited we get squeak serenades. I realized quickly that if she is not exercised then she finds things like pulling tissues out of wastebaskets and collecting our socks from our hamper and carrying them in her mouth is her way of telling us that she needs physical exercise. Although Jojo gets a little mischievous, she is a wonderful dog over all.

She is a chaser! She chases anything that moves and flies such as birds, butterflies, flies, bees, lizards, and rabbits. She loves our yard and thankfully she is not destructive. She likes to carry and moves things around and that is okay. Thankfully she does not have destructive behavior, we do have not had to worry about excessive chewing or digging. We had experienced some rat visits and she successfully has shown us where to focus our attention and because of her help, two rats were captured. We also have a ground squirrel problem so I am sure some day she will be extremely effective in protecting our garden! I just don't know what I will do when she actually catches a bird, squirrel or even a bee? She has trapped a quail but my mom was able to help the quail escape, for the most part I believe the birds just know to stay away when they see her! We have twenty two fruit trees and two garden beds - so I am sure the spring will bring lots of fun for her.

We no longer kennel her at night. She has a bed on my side of the bed. Currently she does not have full reign of the house during the day as we have a grumpy old lady , Gracie, our 15 year old Daschund Terrior mix. Jojo insists that Gracie play with her and Gracie insists that she will not! Because she loves to roll around in dirt (most of our back yard is dirt) so she is not allowed on our couches but she is allowed on two ottomans and an old black recliner. She loves her bear, well it's actually a monkey, but it took me several weeks to realize that it was a monkey and not a bear. She is gentle with her bear monkey and carries it everywhere she goes in the house. She is gentle and is intrigued by babies, gentle with the elderly and knows she can be playful with the kids.

I look forward to my retirement in approximately 10 months to spend more time with my fur baby and future gardening friend. We are in love with her and her puppy antics just make her fun! Thank you to the Las Vegas Labrador Rescue for your hard work!

Sylvia and Mark"

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Happy Tail: Bo

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We are always so thrilled to receive Happy Tails on LVLR alumni. This Happy Tail is among one of the funniest, most loving we've ever read!

"Nine months ago, we got a Bo. He was a high strung wild guy, that clearly never really had a place to call home. We hoped to change that. At first, the odds were stacked against us. Not only did we get a Bo, we also got a Stealer of Sandwiches, a Chewer of Shoes, an Escaper of Houses, a Jumper of Walls, a Barker at Randomness, a Surfer of Counters, a Lunger at TVs, and a Whiner of Early Mornings. BUT after time, love, patience, more patience, a bit more patience, and LOTS of walks, I’m thrilled to announce we have also have Learner of Manners, a Sleeper of Couches, a Protector of Houses, a Lover of Walks, a Snuggler of Closeness, a Player of Friends, a Master of Games, a Maker of Smiles, and a Stealer of Hearts. Most importantly though, he’s become a Knower of Home and finally knows where he belongs…right here…with us. Welcome home, Bo. We love you!"

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Happy Tail: Cali

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We received a beautiful Happy Tail on LVLR alumni, Cali.


We adopted Cali, a black lab, through your rescue group one year ago and it's been a wonderful year with her! She is so loving and loved by us. She enjoys her daily walks, her daily trips to the mailbox, her belly rubs, rides in our kayak, chasing the black birds in our back yard (never comes close but it gives her some excitement!), snoozing on our bed (when allowed), and just hanging out being a perfect companion. Thank you for bringing her into our lives!

Diane C."

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Happy Tails: Aspen Gizelle (formerly Giselle) and Cypress Blaze (formerly Rosie)

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We received another wonderful, amazing Happy Tail from double adopters!

"Our family has been more than blessed by the wonderful Las Vegas Lab Rescue. People ask if we rescued or adopted our beautiful furbabies, Cypress and Aspen. We believe we were rescued by them. March 2013 Cypress and May 2017 Aspen joined our family. They have become wonderful playmates, best friends and sisters. They both love to go for rides in daddy's truck, when he grabs the keys they bounce around with excitement. Their favorite place to go is to our Ranch in Utah where they enjoy chasing balls and lizards or swimming in the pond. At night they like to take over the bed or sleep right on top of us but we wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks to all the volunteers at Las Vegas Lab Rescue for all your hard work, commitment to finding furever homes for all the beautiful Labradors that are so fortunate to find their way to your organization.

The Pipes Family"

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Happy Tail: Kiera and Kona (formerly Toby)

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What a wonderful Happy Tail from a family that has adopted 2 from LVLR.

"We couldn't be happier with our 2 LVLR adoptees. We adopted Kona (LVLR name Toby) in December 2013. He truly rescued us as much as we rescued him. He has been all over the West with us camping, fishing, and hiking. His new and older sister, Kiera, has been with us about 5 weeks and is fitting in wonderfully. She is sassy, smart, and not afraid to ask for attention. They love their daily walks and, of course, the post-walk snack. She is the perfect addition to our pack and we feel so lucky to have them in our family. ❤❤❤"

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Happy Tail: Tony

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We received another fantastic Happy Tail, meet Tony!

"Tony joined our family in January 2012, and he has brought so much love and happiness to our lives. Tony is our trusty side kick, and he joins us on all kinds of adventures. We moved from Nevada in 2013, and he since has lived in Chicago, Nashville, and Dallas; and he has been on countless multi-state road trips. Tony didn't much care for the cold weather and snow in Chicago, but he enjoys living in Texas! Tony enjoys playing with his best friend Jake, spending time with his family, going to daycare, playing ball, swimming, and most of all...eating! Dinner time always calls for a celebration at our house! When we adopted Tony, so many people said that he was such a lucky dog, but in actuality, we are the lucky ones."

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Happy Tail: Molly

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What a wonderful Happy Tail we received for LVLR alumni Molly!

"It has been almost one year since Molly joined our family. We can't decide who's happier, Molly or us. Every day of Molly's life is filled with daily walks, lots of pool time, which she adores, and more toys than she could ever dream of. Molly has a furry sister named Whitey (for Whitey Ford) and four humans that she loves. Molly may not have had the best start at life, but she is so happy to be part of a loving family. We've had Labs in the past, but Molly is our first rescue. Rescuing is definitely the way to go! Molly is a true "Happy Tail" and is grateful every day for her second chance. Thank you Las Vegas Lab Rescue for all you do! We love our Molly!"

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Happy Tail: Logan (Formerly Brody)

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Another wonderful Happy tail for LVLR, Logan, formerly Brody.

I'm thrilled to share with you our happy tail about our beloved fur baby Logan! We just passed our one year "adopt-a-versary" and I thought this is a good time to share how happy we are with our fur baby.

Logan was the first puppy we met through your organization and it was love at first site! When he came to meet us he was friendly, hyper and full of love. We wanted a friend for our eight year old black lab, Shea and Logan is the perfect companion. He has brought out the fun in our older pup again.

Logan loves to snuggle, play fetch and play with everyone and anyone! He's the biggest lap dog you'll ever meet and we're so thankful we have him to snuggle with.

I have included a picture of Logan snuggling with our older pup, Shea and a picture of him lounging on the couch.

Thank you,
Kelley W."

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Happy Tail: Roger (Formerly Raja)

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We received this heartwarming Happy Tail on Roger, formerly Raja.

This is our Happy Tail about Raja. He was adopted by us Bill and Jordan A. last January.

We had been looking to add a lab to our family and a friend for our yellow lab Tucker (8). We had heard that people have had a great experience with Las Vegas Lab rescue. The process was great. We added Roger formerly known as Raja to our family last January.
When he first arrived he was nervous and unsure of his new environment. He would stay in our living room and just go outside when need be. After love and encouragement he gained the courage to roam freely around the house in less than a day.
Roger now enjoys laying on the couch, playing fetch, walks with his brother Tucker, and as many pets as he possible can get. He is a happy and loving dog. We are so glad he joined our family and thank you Las Vegas Lab Rescue!"

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Happy Tail: Hank

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We received this amazing & funny Happy Tail for Hank:

"Hank’s Happy Tail
We had been looking for a male yellow lab off and on for awhile, on the waiting list for over 3 years with the Lab Rescue. Finally LVLR had two brothers come into their rescue and we were lucky enough to adopt Hank on May 23rd, 2016. He got along immediately with our two older golden retrievers, Gus (10) and Booger (7). We are volunteer pet sitters for the Golden Retriever Rescue of S. NV so we had to be sure that Hank would welcome the ‘guests’ into our home as well as the old guys do. We had nothing to worry about! He is the perfect host, playing and sharing his toys with everyone.
Hank sure loves riding in the car… In fact the first time he saw my car in the garage, he jumped straight up and through the open driver’s side window and sat in the passenger seat! It took a treat or two to get him out, and now he knows how to wait until he’s invited into the car. In the past 90 days he has brought a huge grin to my face more times than I can count. He also loves to share the bed with us, although we generally don’t allow it. He has learned that if he waits until we are asleep, he can jump up like a ninja and sleep at the foot of the bed without us even realizing it.
Hank likes living in our semi-rural neighborhood where he can watch rabbits in the front yard, and eat horse-droppings on our walks. I’m trying to get him to stop that…
He didn’t take to the pool at all when we first got him, but I have slowly gotten him to get in and swim across by himself. He is funny to watch because instead of gliding in like Gus & Booger do, Hank kind of cannon-ball launches his whole body off the steps and goes completely under water. He has no problem sticking his whole head under and getting toys that sink off the first step of the pool.
We look forward to sharing our lives with this wonderful dog for as long as we are allowed to. Now that we have him (or he has us) we can’t imagine our lives without him.

D & T"

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Happy Tail: Melli (formerly Lilo)

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We at LVLR are moved beyond words to receive this incredibly loving Happy Tail for Melli (formerly Lilo). Updates like this make every day better.

"Melli's happy tail!

Melli a.k.a. Lilo came to us from the Las Vegas Lab Rescue in September after we had finally opened our hearts to bring a new dog into our family after losing our beloved black lab, Jasmine, in 2014. Our family's last name is Grant. We renamed Lilo to Melli because we wanted to have a brand-new name for her for her brand-new life, and we borrowed the name Melli from the TV show Scandal where the first lady of the United States is named Mellie Grant. Our own Melli Grant is the first lady of our household!

Roxxi, our 2006 rescue from LVLR accepted Melli from the very first visit from her loving foster mom Joni. Sweet Melli was practically only a puppy herself when she gave birth to a litter of puppies and then was discarded like trash somewhere in Utah with milk still leaking out of her from lack of nursing. I thank God every day for the great volunteers at LVLR who rescued Melli from a sad set of circumstances, had her spayed, and then brought into the rescue for us to adopt her. This sweet girl has the most expressive eyes and she lights up the room every time she is in it. When she wakes up in the morning with me, she takes herself out to potty and then while I'm making coffee she comes bursting in the doggie door and grabs a toy, and starts running around trying to entice Roxxi to play with her. Her nickname is Hurricane Melli!

Melli absolutely loves my eight-year-old daughter, and is so gentle with kids. She loves when my daughter has sleepovers. I'll never forget, shortly after we had adopted Melli, my daughter had a sleepover and Melli was the center of attention. She loved having five kids doting on her all night long and slept in the middle of their pile of sleeping bags.

Melli loves going on walks, even though she is still learning how to be a good girl on leash. She loves going to the park and playing her version of fetch, which is really a game of keepaway.

Melli does have a slight case of separation anxiety; I have a feeling it's because everything she loved in her life before us was taken away. Her puppies were taken from her when she was still nursing, and then her home was taken away. When Melli first came to us, she would tremble and cry out in her sleep - I can only imagine what her nightmares entailed! Thankfully, that only lasted a couple of months. Now she sleeps quietly at the foot of my bed. I pray that within the coming months she realizes that we will never, ever let her go, and that we will always come home to her. Fortunately for Melli, my husband and I both work from home so there is usually always someone home with her. And recently, we went on a weeklong vacation and my older niece stayed at our house so that Melli would not have to go to a strange environment.

Melli enjoys car rides with Roxxi to take my daughter to school or summer camp. The second she sees me pick up my daughter's lunch box, it is her cue to run to the back door and pounce up-and-down in anticipation of being able to run out to my SUV. It is so darn cute, I can't imagine a happier way to start our morning! When I have a morning that I have a meeting or need to run errands after drop off and can't take the girls with me, well, let's just say that the disappointment in Melli's eyes can be a heart breaker!

Melli came to us not knowing how to give kisses. She gets a little more willing as each month goes by, but she's very parsimonious with her kisses and it takes a lot of begging! Each one we receive is newsworthy for the whole family. In that respect, she is the opposite of Roxxi. Roxxi will unload her slobber kisses on anyone and everyone, that little minx!

Last fall, my daughter's school had a "bring your pet to school" day and Melli was the center of attention as 300 kids that got to pet and love on her.

Some of Melli's favorite pastimes include:
- Scamming free pets from anyone with a dangling hand.
- Rough housing with her "cousin" Monkey, a lab-coon-pit mix.
- Swimming, but only from the steps of the pool - hasn't graduated to jumping in yet.
- Terrorizing the neighbors 2 lap dogs through a tiny drainage hole in our backyard's common wall. She doesn't bark, she just looks through there and they go nuts!
- Demanding attention from the yard crew and the pool guy - scamming more free pets.
- Watching Game of Thrones and Outlander - she loves the horses. Hoping to take her to the farm with us to watch my daughter ride once it cools off.
- Laying atop Roxxi in some form or fashion, she's a snuggler!
- Being my shadow - can't even go to the bathroom alone!
- Stealing the kitchen throw rug and moving it to the dining room. She doesn't chew it, she's just redecorating every day! A regular Martha Stewart!

Melli has been such a perfect addition to our family and has helped me personally close the hole that was in my heart from the loss of Jasmine. Thanks again for finding her for us!

Thank you,
Jen Grant"

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Happy Tail: Tony

What a fantastic accomplishment for Tony and his family! "Tony has been with us for a little over two years now. He still doesn't like getting wet but he did recently enjoy running the BadAss Dash obstacle race!" Have your own Happy Tail to share? Please email your story and pictures to: happytails@lvlabrescue.com.
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Happy Tail: Leo (Formerly Ace)

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What an awesome Happy Tail we received for Leo, formerly know as Ace.

"Leo, formerly known as Ace came to us via LVLR in October of 2012 and our life has never been the same! Leo if full of energy and loves to compete in the sport of Flyball. He also loves to swim and hike the mountains of Utah with his brother and sister. We are forever thankful to the LVLR for allowing this sweet boy to be a part of our family!"

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Happy Tail: Nala

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We received such an amazing Happy Tail for amazing Nala! We at LVLR couldn't be more happy for this special girl.

"Hello LVLR,
I hope this finds you well. It's been 4 weeks today that Nala came into our lives. We adore her. She has settled in as if she's always been here. The cats did not even hide when she arrived! Nala is an older lady with a lot going for her. We wanted a calm dog to help our resident choco Molly (also from LVLR) with her separation anxiety. It's working too. They are becoming besties and crack us up with their charm. Nala is just as sweet as they come. Also, she continues to improve since her surgery in January. She goes to the park twice daily to gallop around and watch rabbits.
Thank you so much to the Las Vegas Labrador Rescue for all that you have done for this exceptional sweet dog.
Kristin and Bob"


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Happy Tail: Shadow (formerly Zeus)

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We just love getting updates on our former rescues! Here is a sweet Happy Tail for Shadow (formally Zeus).

"Shadow is a loving, kind and energetic puppy that has been a welcomed addition to our family. Our boys figured out right away that Shadow loves racing around our backyard to play ball.  They have a blast playing keep away with the basketball, soccer and tennis balls.  In addition to chasing after the ball, we’ve found that Shadow also seems to love chasing after his new feline sister, Sage.  Other than the occasional loud HISS, we think the two of them are becoming fast friends.  We are so lucky to have found Shadow and are delighted to be his forever family!!

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Happy Tail: Macy (formerly Simcha) and Dudley

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We received this phenomenal Happy Tail for Macy (formerly Simcha) and Dudley.

"Macy (was Simcha was Babs), adopted in December, has settled in with her brother Dudley, adopted a few months before, and is enjoying a life of leisure in her later years as she takes up swimming and sunbathing when not relaxing on the couch and keeping good company. Having passed through several owners and fosters, she is now quite content in her furever home."

We couldn't be happier for both of these LVLR alumni.

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Happy Tail: Henny (formally Fletcher)

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We received this amazing Happy Tail for Henny. What a way to start 2016!

"Just a little update about Henny aka Fletcher.

My wife and I recently moved here to Las Vegas and wanted to get a dog. We ended up adopting Henny aka Fletcher a 7 year old chocolate lab last July. Henny has full of energy for his age and and displayed his playfulness the first time we met him. Dave offered a kennel for Henny which is very nice of him to get Henny adjusted to his new home. We were also told about Henny's right eye which was believed to be a bacterial infection. Henny was seen by a specialist before the adoption and the rescue was generous enough to have everything paid off including the medications on our last visit to the specialist. After a couple of months his right eye dramatically improved and soon enough his eye was cured. Henny is such a sweet and loyal dog. He thinks he is a lap dog and will try to jump on us when we are seating on the couch. We are able to train him not to jump in the couch since he is smart and very responsive to training. He knows sit and stay and will not rush to get his food until I say go. I recently trained him to shake and play dead. He used to pull on the leash while walking but after few weeks of training we can walk him with ease. When we are out to work we leave him with his kong toys with treats which will keep him occupied until we get home and He also loves sleeping on the dog bed we bought for him. So far Henny has been amazing and for his energy we sometimes take him outside as our running partner.

Julian and July"

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Happy Tail: Duke

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What a fantastic Happy Tail we received for Duke!

"After grieving for several months over the loss of our 14 yr old yellow lab, we felt ready to open our hearts to another lab. We loved the adoption process from the Las Vegas Lab Rescue Group and we were blessed with adopting Duke, our 6 yr old chocolate lab. Duke has a lot of energy and needed some basic training. He now comes, sits, goes down and is not barking as much. We are still working on the walking, but we cannot believe it's the same dog we met weeks ago. He is so loving and playful and just a joy to have around. He is perfect in our house and doesn't touch a thing. He sleeps next to us on the floor all night long without a peep. One thing he cannot be without is his orange ball. It never leaves his side. We love him so much. Thank you for our Duke.

Ilene & Jerry C."

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Happy Tail: Dudley

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What an beautiful Happy Tail we received from Dudley's family.

"We are SO grateful to have adopted Dudley!! This little angel (you can see where his wings were) has given US so much love and support after unexpectedly losing our 9 year old Lab Harry to post op complications Labor Day.

We were told Dudley arrived from a Utah shelter then into the foster moms home. He spent 6 weeks with her, then came to live with us. We suspect Dudley is leery of LONG car rides, as each has resulted in a new home.

We drove him to our CA home this week. He trembled in the car for the first hour. Upon arriving, he discovered that house smelled familiar so he relaxed. He met most of the neighborhood and had a play date with another dog. Another car ride (with another hour of trembling) we returned to Vegas and witnessed pure elation and joy in Dudley's face when he realized he was "home" again. I am including him on frequent errands to show him all roads lead home.

He has captured our hearts AND the middle of the bed every night. He's one terrific snuggler.

Dudley is microchipped, has 3 contact numbers on his name tag and wears a gps tracker, ok, overkill since he's generally within a 10 foot reach. We're not taking ANY chances. We're clueless how this sweet and lovable guy ended up in a shelter, but are thankful he made his way into our lives. Sorry Dudley, now you're stuck with us your ENTIRE life. ♡ you baby boy!!! Mama and Daddy

aka Karen S and Jay A."

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