Happy Tails

Happy Tail: Monty & Duke

We received this wonderful Holiday Happy Tail from Monty & Duke's family:

"Hi all,
Just wanted to share a picture of Monty and Duke on their first christmas here at the Reckley Ranch. They have added a lot of joy to our lives and very grateful for your rescue. They both have adjusted well to our family and we love having them around. We all gets lots of exercise as they both enjoy walks around the block and fetching balls. Of course, Duke hasn’t quite learned to give the ball back yet;) Monty can play fetch for HOURS and Duke tries really hard to keep up with him.

Thank you again and many blessings to you and yours this new year!
The Reckley Family
Cliff and Jen
Sarah, Anna, Emma, and Beka
Monty and Duke"

Holiday Happy Tail: Flynn (formally Icing)

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We just received the awesome Happy Tail from Flynn's forever family.

"Our forever dog, Max, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 12/6/2013. We were devastated by our loss but knew we wanted to adopt another Labrador Retriever when we were ready for another dog. We were overjoyed when Las Vegas Labrador Rescue approved us to adopt. We met 2 LVLR rescues before we adopted Flynn (formerly Icing) on 7/2/2014.

To say it was a "match made in heaven" would be an understatement. Flynn loves to play with our VERY active, rough and tumble boys. Flynn also loves to cuddle and snuggle with them and with us (although I don't know who loves the snuggling more - Flynn, the boys, Mom, or Dad). Not only is Flynn a wonderful companion but he is also very protective - Flynn gives us a sense of security that we haven't felt since losing Max.

We needed Flynn as much as he needed us. With the addition of Flynn, our family is complete again. And we couldn't be happier 🙂 "

Happy Thanksgiving Tail: Vader (Formally Duke)

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We have just received this wonderful happy tail from Vader's family 🙂


Just wanted to drop LVLR a little note.

Vader is going well and adjusting just fine. He had a little health scare, but it turned out to be ok. What we've found he likes is his shadow and lights including reflections. Ice had to change his collar and tag to deflect light vs reflect. He just goes crazy with the reflections. It takes him hours to settle down.

I've included two recent pictures to see how spoiled he is and his big he's getting. Note the baby gates we have up to keep him from licking and biting my walls. He either sees his shadow or a reflection of light.

Silly pup!!

Happy Tail: Sadie (formerly Jazelle)


We have just received this wonderful happy tail from Sadie's family 🙂



I have been meaning to write you for the better part of a month but some how time seems to be flying by!!! I can't believe it has been 4 months since Sadie came into my life! WHAT AN AMAZING DOG!!! Sadie loves to go on walks!!! If she could go 12 times a day she would! She loves playing ball and never tires of it... She oftern goes to bed with a ball which I find wedged in my back by morning. Sadie loves to cuddle on the couch and chase the lizzards in the backyard. She is getting more and more comfortable with meeting new people and warms up to people a lot faster. She still does not like the pool which I am more than happy with!!! She is still not food motivated all that much but she has been on kibble for about 3 months now. I can not thank you enough for bringing her into my life!!! Here are a few photos!!


Happy Tail: Jimmer (formerly Lucky)

We recently received the following awesome happy tail from Jimmer's family :-)   2 1/2 years ago we adopted Jimmer.  He's the best dog in the world and has fit into our family perfectly.  He loves our grand daughters more than anything and they love him.  The picture below is of him with 9 month old Olivia. It…
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Happy Tail: AJ

  We have just received this wonderful happy tail from AJ's family :-)   Labrador Rescue, We wanted to take some time to thank you for what you have done for us. Adopting a dog is a huge change and commitment. You provided us with the opportunity not only to ask all of our questions,…
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Happy Tails: Monty and Duke

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We received another awesome Happy Tail. This wonderful family adopted 2 dogs from us at the same time - Monty (a 10 year old) and Duke (a 5 year old).  When going through the adoption process they told us that they wanted to give Monty all of the love that he deserved in his remaining years, however many of them he might have left. We are thrilled to hear that the new Reckley brothers are enjoying love of their recently found Sisters, Mom and Dad!

To submit your Happy Tail please email happytails@lvlabrescue.com


"Monty and Duke have settled in nicely with our family.  They both get along great and add so much fun to our daily lives.   Monty is still full of life - he LOVES to play fetch and go on daily walks with us around neighborhood.  Monty prefers to be with us - not necessarily in the same room but definitely doesn’t want to be left alone.  He is very obedient and aims to please - a very sweet dog.

Duke is lovable in all sense of the word.  He snuggles with our girls during “movie” time and follows any one of us around the house.  He has no favorites but he does seem to favor our #2 daughter Anna slightly more than any of us.  He also made nice friends with Grandma on her recent visit;)  We had to make sure she didn’t take him home with her.  Duke LOVES the great outdoors and the little kiddie pool.

Both Monty and Duke have brought much joy to our family and we feel privileged to be the forever family and home for these guys."


Happy Tails: Tucker

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We received this awesome Happy Tail from Tucker's family. To submit your Happy Tail please email happytails@lvlabrescue.com

"Dear Las Vegas Labrador Rescue Team,

We want to thank all of you for being so helpful in helping us find the next member of our family! Tucker has been wonderful. He is very much a puppy still, but that is part of what we love about him. He is so well behaved, and gets along great with our other dog Kimber. They are constantly playing and ruff housing all hours of the day it seems. Tucker loves giving hugs to anyone who will accept them and loves taking a dip in the pool with these hot temperatures. He is always making us laugh like when he loves to wake us up in the morning by laying right on heads until we go for a walk. We are so happy to have adopted him and thank you all for your service in saving wonderful dogs like Tucker!

Doug, Michelle, Kimber & Tucker"

Happy Tails: Tony

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We received this awesome Happy Tail from Tony's family.

"Tony has been a wonderful addition to our family! He has so much energy and loves to chase his ball at the park! It only took a couple days for the cats to get used to him and now they’re on their way to being best buds! He discovered the pool isn’t such a bad place to be, especially when chasing and retrieving his ball. He loves his walks every morning and is generally happy to stay by our sides and follow us around the house.

We are so blessed to have him and thank the LV Lab Rescue for all their time and patience while we/he selected our family

Heather and Brady"

Happy Tails: Rosie (now Cypress Blaze)

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A great big THANK YOU to Las Vegas Labrador Rescue Staff and Volunteers for everything you do for our Lab Families.

1 year ago today we got a wonderful addition to our Pipes Family, Cypress Blaze (AKA Rosie). Cypress did have abandonment issues in the beginning due to being dropped off at the shelter at a very young age however she has learned that she is one of our children and we would never abandon her. We love her dearly and could not imagine a day without her.

She has been a great sister to her Chocolate Lab brother Timber and sister Mossy Oak. They enjoy the great outdoors together running, swimming and of course chasing the tennis ball. She has not mastered the art of returning the ball directly to us but is improving daily. I think she likes playing keep away better!

I want to especially thank Victoria and her husband for being wonderful foster parents to our baby for the short transition period. Victoria did say she loved to give hugs and kisses, and did not bark. Well the hugs and kisses are still given out to us daily by Cypress but her quietness has been broken by the teachings of her brother and sister. She expresses herself now! What a great personality!

This all would not of been possible if it wasn't for your wonderful organization. Many thanks and much appreciation.

Happy Tails: Grizzly (now Odin)

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We just love receiving updates on our rescue dogs. We received this amazing update from Odin's (formerly known as Grizzly) forever home.............

"It's Kat and Omar were so excited to send an update on Odin (previously Grizzly)

Odin has been doing amazing! We couldn't have found a more perfect addition to our Family! He's such a huge guy he steals the show wherever we go. He's so loving and patient and a quick learner. Odin loves loves loves meeting new people and new dogs. He's so eager to say hi to everyone at the dog park. Our black lab Chubbs has become his bestest friend! They love to swim together and play together, although I think he lets her win all the time. We always wonder if he was a hunting dog because he loves to chase birds and watch them on TV. Our lovely TV has drool kisses because when he sees any dog, horse, cat, or bird on TV he has to say hello with a kiss and a few barks.

At a 133lbs he's the worlds biggest gentle giant. We are very thankful for him and all the happiness he brings to our home. I can't imagine what our family would be like without Odin.

Thanks so much LVLR for all that you do!!!”


Happy Tails: Reba (now Rudy)

Attention all Reba Fans! We received a wonderful update from Reba (now known as Rudy) today written from her point of view. Enjoy this amazing update………. "Hi everyone, I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how I am doing. I'm settled in my forever home and my people renamed me Rudy.…
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Happy Tails: Taz (now Tess)

  We received this heartfelt "Happy Tail" from the Forever Family of Taz (now Tess)........ "On July 14th we welcomed Tess (formerly Taz) into our family. Having known of her uncertainty with new people from her foster mommy, we gave her lots of space the first few hours, allowing her to check out the entire…
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Happy Tails: Malli

Update from Malli’s Forever Home…….. Another wonder “Happy Tail.” We received this awesome update from Malli’s family…….. “Hello! Just wanted to share an update on Malli. We went camping a few weeks ago with our families in Utah. We had two other huge black labs in our camp and Malli had a BLAST! It took…
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Happy Tails: Shadow (now Zoey)

  We received a Happy Tail and pictures today from Shadow’s forever home!!! It looks like she is loving her forever home and her family is so excited to have her. Here is what they had to say about her ~ “We named her Zoey. She is such a wonderful new addition to our family.…
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Happy Tails: Captain

We received another wonderful Happy Tail! It looks like Captain is enjoying his forever home. Here is what his new family has to say……….. “He's finally about settled in and doing well with our routine! He gets along great with our Black Lab Toes. We've taken him to the dog park several times and he…
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Happy Tails: Dudley

For all the Dudley fans out there, we received this wonderful update from his forever home......... "Dudley has been a part of our family for two months now and we absolutely LOVE HIM!! He's such a good boy! He loves to walk, swim, fetch, play at the dog park and follow his dad everywhere. We…
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Happy Tails: Shadow

"Hi Dave, Denise, Rick, Victoria, Cynthia and everyone else at Las Vegas Labrador Rescue. It's me, Shadow, with the spotted tongue! I want to thank you so much for rescuing me. One year ago today I was adopted. I have had the best year ever! My new mommy and daddy are great! They love me…
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Happy Tails: Toby (now Kona)

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We received a wonderful update from Toby's forever home. He is now named Kona and it looks like he has a wonderful home. Here is an update from his family......

"Kona has become a central member of our family. He LOVES his daily walks and we have started running with him in the mornings. He completed a mile and a half run today. He has learned several commands (sit, stay, come) and can flip a treat off his nose into the air and catch it in his mouth. 🙂 He LOVES to snuggle and have his belly rubbed. He thinks he is a little lap dog, even though he is almost 60 pounds. He is the PERFECT dog for our family and it is hard to remember what it was like before he joined us almost a month ago. Thank you for helping us find each other. We are eternally grateful!"

Terri, Jim, Emily, and Evan

Happy Tails: Winston


"Next month will be one year from when we first met Winston at the Pet Expo. The first meeting was not what we expected with him growling and viciously trying to attack our other dog. I was reassured by the awesome staff of Las Vegas Labrador Rescue that this could be due to all the extra stimulation of the event. They said to give it one more try at our house where there is a more calm environment. That night the president of the rescue himself and the foster parent brought Winston over. The meeting went spectacular with him at one point cuddled up to myself by the back door (I melted).

This year has been amazing with him and he has definitely become part of the family. He has never once since the event become aggressive but has become a gentle giant and loves to just go where ever the family is. Soon after he was adopted, we enrolled him in Sit Means Sit Dog Training. This training has changed our lives and opened our eyes to what “obedience” really is. We use to think it is a dog who is house trained and walks on a leash well, now we know that it is much more, even joining the family on a walk through Bass Pro Shops “off leash”.

Like a true Labrador Retriever, he is awesome with the family, even with our three year old who is not always the most gentle with him. Although he is much bigger than when we got him at six months old, he st ill acts like a puppy when it is time for a family outing. We could not imagine our lives without this special boy in it.

We loved our experience with the Las Vegas Labrador Rescue so much we even rescued another.

Thank you for our furever Lab!!!"