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Adopted: Bear, a 2 year old male Black Labrador

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Adopted: Bear , a 2 year old male Black  Labrador, found his forever home. 

 Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Bear is very affectionate & loving. He's quick to learn, energetic and could benefit from training. He sleeps through the night, gets along well with other dogs & displays no aggression with food/dogs. While we're still getting to know his personality, it's clear Bear would make a great loving family member.

See a list of Available Labs here

Happy Thanksgiving Tail: Vader (Formally Duke)

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We have just received this wonderful happy tail from Vader's family 🙂


Just wanted to drop LVLR a little note.

Vader is going well and adjusting just fine. He had a little health scare, but it turned out to be ok. What we've found he likes is his shadow and lights including reflections. Ice had to change his collar and tag to deflect light vs reflect. He just goes crazy with the reflections. It takes him hours to settle down.

I've included two recent pictures to see how spoiled he is and his big he's getting. Note the baby gates we have up to keep him from licking and biting my walls. He either sees his shadow or a reflection of light.

Silly pup!!