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Adopted: Charlie, a 1 year old Male Black Labrador

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Adopted: Charlie, a 1 year old Male Black Labrador, has found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from his foster family……..

"Charming Charlie is just wonderful! He's very sweet, tall & lean and happy to be around people. Charlie has that puppy energy, he's playful, mouthy, curious, affectionate and eager to please. He's smart, quick to learn and loves to play or sniff everything down. He would really benefit from some training, learning how to direct that energy correctly. Charlie is house trained and does well with other dogs when properly introduced. We have no cats nor small children. He is good in a crate when we're out of the house, but we're working on overnight stays as he just wants to be with us. Charlie would be great for an active family, willing to work on his manners and develop his boundaries. Charlie is really just full of puppy love & kisses, and will make a great companion."

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Happy Tail: Hank

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We received this amazing & funny Happy Tail for Hank:

"Hank’s Happy Tail
We had been looking for a male yellow lab off and on for awhile, on the waiting list for over 3 years with the Lab Rescue. Finally LVLR had two brothers come into their rescue and we were lucky enough to adopt Hank on May 23rd, 2016. He got along immediately with our two older golden retrievers, Gus (10) and Booger (7). We are volunteer pet sitters for the Golden Retriever Rescue of S. NV so we had to be sure that Hank would welcome the ‘guests’ into our home as well as the old guys do. We had nothing to worry about! He is the perfect host, playing and sharing his toys with everyone.
Hank sure loves riding in the car… In fact the first time he saw my car in the garage, he jumped straight up and through the open driver’s side window and sat in the passenger seat! It took a treat or two to get him out, and now he knows how to wait until he’s invited into the car. In the past 90 days he has brought a huge grin to my face more times than I can count. He also loves to share the bed with us, although we generally don’t allow it. He has learned that if he waits until we are asleep, he can jump up like a ninja and sleep at the foot of the bed without us even realizing it.
Hank likes living in our semi-rural neighborhood where he can watch rabbits in the front yard, and eat horse-droppings on our walks. I’m trying to get him to stop that…
He didn’t take to the pool at all when we first got him, but I have slowly gotten him to get in and swim across by himself. He is funny to watch because instead of gliding in like Gus & Booger do, Hank kind of cannon-ball launches his whole body off the steps and goes completely under water. He has no problem sticking his whole head under and getting toys that sink off the first step of the pool.
We look forward to sharing our lives with this wonderful dog for as long as we are allowed to. Now that we have him (or he has us) we can’t imagine our lives without him.

D & T"

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Adopted: Katie, a 2 year old Female Yellow Labrador

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Adopted: Katie, a 2 year old Female Yellow Labrador, has found her forever home.

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Katie is a wonderfully sweet but very shy young girl. She is very timid when meeting new people, taking awhile to feel safe in a new environment. She is quiet, respectful and good-natured. Katie will need a family to show her extra love and patience while she builds confidence and security with her new home. Katie is good with other dogs, rides well in a car, and sleeps through the night in a crate. "

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Adopted: Molly, an 8 month old Black Female Labrador

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Adopted: Molly, an 8 month old Black Female Labrador, has found her forever home.

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Molly is a very sweet, very well-behaved lab. She immediately fit right in with our dogs, and is such a love! She shows no signs of food or toy aggression. She is kennel trained, and sleeps through the night. She has puppy energy, but is also quite mellow for being only 8 months old. She learned how to use the doggie door right away, and has had zero accidents in the house. She is not a chewer at all - as stated earlier, she is remarkably well-behaved. Molly walks well on the leash, and knows basic commands such as sit, stay, wait, down, and off. Molly will make a great addition to any home. "

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