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Adopted: Loki, a 4 month old Male Black Labrador

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Adopted: Loki, a 5 month old Male Black Labrador, found his forever home.

Here is a Bio from foster family……..

"Loki is a 4 month old, adorable ball of energy! He is super sweet and loves to play with our teenage lab, go on walks, chew on bully sticks and give kisses. One of my favorite things about him is his unique white marking on his chest which looks like a cross and the white tips on his paws – so cute!

Loki doesn’t appear to have had any training in his short little life but is settling nicely into his crate training and is quickly picking up commands like ‘sit’ and ‘no’. He seems very smart and wants to please but will need a patient family to partner with him and teach him good behaviors as he grows. Loki has a very healthy appetite and will most likely grow to be on the taller side. Like most puppies, Loki is mouthy and likes to jump and run around. Loki will need a family experienced with young, energetic Labs and committed to providing him with structure, boundaries and training. Overall, I think Loki will be a happy addition to any home."

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Happy Tail: Sina (Formerly Alaska)

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  • Sina aka Alaska

We love receiving these sweet, lovely updates on past, adopted Labs!

"Hi there. It's Sina aka Alaska. I adopted her on 12/30 and she's been the best, most luvable girl. Just wanted to share this pic. It's the look on her face when I tell her we are going for a ride. this was her at my office. Thank you for my sweet gal."

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Adopted: Jade, a 4 month old Black Female Labrador

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Adopted: Jade, a 4 month old Black Female Labrador, has found her forever home.

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Jade is sweet little Lab who loves to play, cuddle and meet new people. She still has some of her baby teeth and you can see the occasional not-quite-fully-coordinated jump for joy when she runs.

She uses the doggie door, is great with my other dogs, eats nicely, and is happy to hang out in her crate - with the gate open, when she wants a nap. Jade know the commands 'come', 'sit' and 'no' (very important for puppies!). She is getting better on the leash but needs more work so that she doesn't pull. Like all puppies, she likes to jump and explore, and doesn't know her own every-increasing strength.

Jade is smart, and is now at the perfect age where she is mentally ready to start learning all the good habits and behavior that will make her the amazing and wonderful dog she wants to be.

Her ideal family must also be ready - to give Jade the guidance she needs, especially in this formative time. With love and leadership, time and training, Jade will blossom into a glorious dog for the right family who are committed to the job of raising her well! "

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