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Happy Tail: Addison (Formerly Shaye)

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What a wonderful Holiday Happy Tail we received from Addison's family!

It has been about a year since we adopted Addison, and I thought I would drop you a line to tell you how the year has gone.

Both Scott and I love her dearly, that goes without saying. Teddy continues to love his best friend/sister. They enjoy a vigorous morning play time after breakfast, followed by morning nap. Oddly they take afternoon nap together but morning nap they take separately. Weekends find them on hikes or long walks. Addison gets grumpy mid-week if she doesn’t get her scheduled neighborhood walks. She expresses her displeasure by getting one of her collars and showing us.

Shortly after we welcomed Addison, she completed a walking and obedience class with some mastiff pups in our neighborhood. In the past year, she has had no issue with any dog she has encountered and is quite the social butterfly.

Her weight and health have been good. I was paranoid that she had swallowed too much toy stuffing, but an X-ray showed her perfect and stuffing free. She enjoys her tubby baths. She does not care for swimming. She will hang out on the first step of our pool but feels that is far enough. On a river walk, she showed us she can swim and that she does not like it by avoiding any depth greater than her elbow. Teddy- a natural born swimmer- doesn’t mind this as it is his way to shine. Most frequently laying on a lounge chair and watching her brother swim, Addison is quite a picture.

When we first got her, she jumped over the fence to the neighbor’s and we were on watch to make sure that she did not run/jump a way. As it is such a serious thing, we were constantly evaluating situations and guarding against this fact. About 3 months after we got Addison, I was returning home and she leapt out of the car at the same time her brother did and her lead was not secured. She happily ran to the front door. Not taking that event as common, it took several other occasions to know that she is not only not a runner/jumper but the first one back to the door. Clearly, we still take precautions to protect Ted and Addison but there is an emotional comfort to know that other than the first week, she is not trying to flee us.

Addison has been to Utah several times, celebrated Christmas, Easter, Halloween, & Thanksgiving, given endless kisses to her brother, decided dropping her nylabone is the best way to wake up sleeping parents, made friends, seen rabbits, deer & coyotes and enjoyed many massages. Very much like a girl, her favorite show is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Each time last winter it would come on, she would jump on to the couch and snuggle with me, so she could still see the television. She does not like the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

We did have her DNA tested and she is more Bloodhound than anything, followed by Lab, Golden Retriever, more hound and Akita. Akita ends the curly tail dispute. The Bloodhound explains some of the noises she makes! To encourage her puppy mind, we continue to do scent training (for the Bloodhound) and fun challenges (for the rest.)

Thank you again for the service you provide.

Astraia & Scott"

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Adopted: Alaska, a 1 year old Black Female Labrador

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Adopted: Alaska, a 1 year old Black Female Labrador, has found her forever home.

Here is a Bio from foster family……..

"Alaska is a very energetic puppy with a lot of love to give. She gets along great with kids and other dogs, and will often want to snuggle up with her friends and family. A little shy at first, she quickly warms up to you and will follow you anywhere. Alaska is getting used to her crate still but will sit when you have her attention. She's a sweetheart and will need a patient and loving family to raise her. "

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Adopted: Luna, a 1 year old Black Female Labrador

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Adopted: Luna, a 1 year old Black Female Labrador, has found her forever home.

Here is a Bio from foster family……..

"Luna is a sweet petite bundle of joy and love. She lives for being by you and being loved, does well with other dogs, Luna has had only one accident in the house which was completely my fault, I decided to take a shower one morning before taking her out. She can also go in and out the doggie door like a champ. She walks on a leash and loves taking walks she may need a gentle reminder to not pull. After a nice walk she is happy and ready to just chill out. We are working on some basic commands and have begun doing some training on entering the kennel on her own. She is still a puppy and will need patience, continued training, exercise, and a puppy proofed house so she remains safe. "

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