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Adopted: Gabbana, a 3 year old Female Chocolate Labrador

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Adopted: Gabbana, a 3 year Female Chocolate Labrador, who is looking for her forever home.

Here is a Bio from her foster family……..

"Gabbana, or "Gabby" as we call her, is very loving, affectionate, and wants to be near the people. She knows basic commands (sit, down, shake), is house trained, and learned the doggie door quickly. Gabby likes to play with her toys , especially a squeaky ball.

Gabby is demonstrating some separation anxiety. We aren't sure if it's temporary, given all the stress she's gone through, or if it's an issue to be worked on in her furever home. When crated and left alone, she whines and can be vocal. However, she's comfortable to sleep in overnight if she knows where you are.

Gabby does ok on walks alone, but is reactive when she sees other people and dogs. She's very excitable in those situations, barking and lunging. She will need work on socialization in an outdoor surrounding. She's sweet and submissive when she meets other dogs, has lived with other animals, but needs work to control her energy in a walking situation to be safe.

Gabby is really sweet and loves attention, she simply needs structure, security and some training to be the dog she's meant to be. She will do best with a family that understands the work she will need, and willing to have the time, patience and commitment for her to feel safe and secure."

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